Dad Needs Work Too! | For The Male Patient | Clinic 42

Many women are well aware of the Pandora’s Box full of treatments available at Clinic 42, a boutique clinic in Epsom, focusing on aesthetic and skin cancer medicine. For Father’s Day, let’s open the fishing tackle box, and demystify some of the treatments targeted to men, and the health of their skin (and ego!).


First and foremost, Clinic 42 is excited to have another doctor join their team, Dr Eloise Dickie, who has experience in skin cancer medicine and its management. With New Zealand having the highest melanoma rates in the world, no-one can be too careful when looking after their skin. A crucial part of this is annual skin checks, whereby a history of sun exposure and skin cancer risk is established, followed by a full skin check. Most of our dads have spent many happy hours in the sunshine on the ski field, golf course, beaches and boats, so a skin check to ensure there are no nasties brewing is an investment in his health.


With Eloise’s skills and experience, if a lesion of concern is identified, in most instances, this can be managed at Clinic 42, with both surgical and non-surgical approaches.


Most of us love our dads, warts and all, although we may rather the latter weren’t there! Radiofrequency removal with the Surgitron device offers a very favourable option for removing benign growths, such as raised moles and skin tags, especially in cosmetically sensitive areas, like the face and neck. The advantage of this treatment is no cuts are required in the skin, and therefore the risk of scarring, bleeding and infection is minimal. Instead, the raised lesion is very finely shaved, until it is flush with the skin. With a low risk of recurrence and scarring, and a 30-minute painless office based procedure, this is a great option for removing unwanted barnacles.


With winter drawing to a close, we are all longing for our summer holidays and Kiwi Christmas. We are not longing for sweaty, smelly armpits and hands however, which often accompany the summer months. That is a problem we can address with microdoses of botulinum toxin to the offending area. Most of us are well aware of the muscle relaxing, wrinkle treating capabilities of botulinum toxin, however many people are not aware of its action on the sweat glands. This is a straight forward office treatment, which can offer life-changing results for some people. If there’s a summer wedding or important social engagement, and you’re already worrying about how to manage your sweat patches, come and discuss a more definitive treatment option.


Belkyra, deoxycholic acid, is one of the newer additions to the armoury at Clinic 42. A targeted treatment to reduce the appearance of a double-chin, which is a huge concern for many men and women. Studies have shown even more so than forehead lines! Neck fullness can be due to genetics, ageing, and weight changes, and a fairly stubborn problem to solve. Few of us would consider going as far as exploring surgical options, and now we have a much less invasive approach available. Within a one-hour appointment the treatment can be administered, and Dad can return to the office. A minimum of two treatments are required six weeks apart. If Dad is then really wanting to push the boat out, he can consider further sculpting of his jawline and chin to help give him back the chiselled looks of his youth!


If Dad is past the stage of worrying about his neck, and more troubled by the aches and pains in his joints, then it may be worth him speaking to Dr Joanna Romanowska and discussing stem cell treatment. One of the few clinics offering this treatment in New Zealand, we regularly have clients travelling from the South Island and Australia to help alleviate symptoms and improve quality of life. The scientific and anecdotal evidence is compelling, especially for arthritic complaints, and being much less invasive than joint replacement surgery, and minimal down-time following the half day treatment, it is an option worth exploring. At an absolute minimum, it should make the golf round or fishing expedition a little more comfortable for the ageing body!


Getting Dad or the man in your life through the door of Clinic 42 may well be the hardest part. We can guarantee once he is here, he will be well looked after, with safe, discrete care and consistent outcomes.


Happy Father’s Day, and perhaps sneak an unexpected treat into the fishing tackle box!


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