Dental Disease Is There – Even If You Don’t See It

The elusive dental disease is one that is common in all cats and dogs. It is concealed under gums, tartar or hiding behind inaccessible cheeks and can be left unchecked until we get that hit of bad breath when Fido licks our faces or when Kitty is put off her favourite fancy feast.


By the age of three, 85% of all dogs and cats will have some form of dental disease and dental extractions are not an uncommon occurrence. Felines are prone to tooth resorption, which are painful pockets that form along or under the gum line and can be difficult to spot even to the most attentive owners. Periodontal disease and gum recession are gradual diseases that creeps up on our canine and feline buddies over time.


Gold star parents can rejoice! Daily teeth brushing and feeding dental treats and dental food are the best form of prevention of nasty dental diseases. But six monthly check ups with a veterinary professional and regular dental cleaning is the sure-fire way to catch dental disease in their tracks and prevent further deterioration – not to mention saving on a few coins as your pet won’t need more costly extractions.


The first step to a show off smile for Fido or Kitty is to book in a complimentary dental check with an experienced VetCare Vet Nurse. Dental checks, take a matter of minutes and with some extra time for you to ask any niggly questions about how to maintain that perfect smile at home. You are welcome to call us at VetCare Grey Lynn 361 3500 or VetCare Unitec 845 4100 for a no strings attached assessment or if you prefer to book online, visit us at vetcare.net.nz. During July & August VetCare is having a dental promotion so don’t miss out!


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