Drift Through The Thrift

Believe it or not, there is something better than shopping for new clothes… and that’s thrifting them. Not only is it ethical, within an industry that is the second most damaging polluter of our planet, but we are also feeding our passion for fashion at a more affordable price. Fast fashion encourages a throw-away mentality, and this is a trend that needs to be put behind us and we now need to capitalise on slow fashion.


Now, I’m one of those people who although loves to spread the word of her bargains, I don’t always want to give the game away! Otherwise, I’ll go into these stores and there will be nothing left for me. So think of me when you’re shopping and save me some gems!


However, I’m feeling like I should share my love for thrifting especially with sustainable fashion being the focus of New Zealand Fashion Week this year. So, count yourself lucky you’re in for a treat. In no particular order…

SaveMart – Onehunga

(Everyone’s favourite) Now don’t hold me to this but I think the one in Onehunga is the best of the Auckland bunch. It’s the head office store and whenever I’ve been I have seen some real gems… even some iconic Gucci gold-fringed heels.

Scotties – Ponsonby

Introduced to this shop by Jude (co-editor of Verve). I was keen to go and check it out. If you’re after high fashion Scotties is the place to go.  At the back, they have rails and rails filled with second-hand pieces with the likes of Dior, Chanel, Marnie and more. I purchased some beautiful Prada ‘sunnies’, which I am in love with.

Dove Hospice Shop – Remuera

This particular Dove shop has a wide range of stock. I always go to the coat section first. But if you look in the glass cabinets you can find some seriously chic accessories, I once stumbled across some vintage Versace glasses.

Auckland City Mission – Glen Innes

Be sure when you put this in your GPS to choose the op shop in Glen Innes as it may take you right into the city otherwise! Nevertheless, this is certainly a hidden gem. The store is small but on Saturdays it is super busy. I believe it’s the day they get their new stock in. My mum found a Kenzo shirt, we now have a rule – I get all the good stuff if I drive.

 Mercy Shop – Ponsonby

Though on the pricier side you’re bound to find some Trelise Cooper pieces and some top designer brands. It’s a very tasteful op shop. Something will catch your eye here for sure.

The Collective – Birkenhead

Selling a selection of sourced and donated clothes and furniture, you will find something here for you. You walk in and I don’t know about you but when I see lots of colours it boosts my mood, meaning I spend more. I can leave with a clear conscious because 50% of their profits go to The Mental Health Foundation of NZ.

This is the exact reason why I love op shops; I fuel my love for fashion, I play a role in the sustainable fashion movement and help others while I’m at it!


So you have my permission to shop till you drop!