EMS Training

Workout of your dreams

Fu/nis EMS training recognizes that there are so many things that fill our 24 hours– work, commute, time with family, socialising with friends, entertainment, wellness– that it can feel impossible to do it all. They ensure that fitness can be part of that by offering a full body workout in 20 minutes, so that you are in and out in only 30.

Catrina Kuehler, the studio’s owner, was first introduced to EMS training in 2010 when she lived in Germany. She was getting in shape for her wedding and needed a little extra boost in the final weeks, when her personal trainer suggested she try the then two-year-old EMS training. She completed three sessions in the final two weeks before her wedding and was able to lose 1kg, along with feeling stronger and more toned. She was in love from then on and continued to use the training while she worked a corporate job.

The concept is derived from rehab training where electrodes are used to stimulate muscles around an injured body part. In EMS training, those electrodes are applied to all of the major muscle groups during exercise for a full body workout.


Available in Auckland

When Catrina moved to New Zealand in 2016, she missed her favorite workout and decided to start a studio in Auckland.

The wonder of this training is you get the full-body workout in 20 minutes that might normally take a full 90 minutes. The studio is a gorgeous, light-filled space in the heart of Britomart.


Designed for You

Fu/nis EMS training ensures that each session is individualized and adapted to the individual’s level of fitness, so that they can become stronger and healthier with ease and minimal time commitment. Sessions are either one-on-one or two-on-one, and personal trainers offer encouragement every step of the way.

Even an active individual is guaranteed to notice a difference in their body after three or four sessions due to the unique nature of the workout.

“It’s really fast, challenging, motivating, and effective. So we really get the results,” Catrina said.


Words: Claire Scott



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