EnableMe | Black Tie — or Retire?

With the ball season upon us, so comes the expectation of many children that their parents are in a position to pay for all that glitz and glamour. We’re not just talking the ticket and a gown, but hair & makeup, accessories, and, for the gentlemen suit hire and perhaps even a corsage. It can be a time of excitement and pride in seeing our children grown up, but also one of anxiety about the associated costs.


Of course, everyone wants their children to be able to participate in as many opportunities as possible — and not just the ball experience. Many of our clients have children with talents in the academic, sporting, and cultural worlds. We have seen big budgets for ballet, rowing, cheerleading, gymnastics, swimming, cycling, and, increasingly, overseas school trips.


At the same time, we are seeing an increased awareness and concern about planning for retirement, which, for some of us, is just around the corner. Young people have a good platform in Kiwisaver on which to prepare early, even if they deplete their funds to purchase their first home to live in. But there is also a “sandwich” generation — not mortgage-free, children still at home, and elderly family members to care for.


Getting ahead is not necessarily about how much you earn — it’s about what you don’t spend. We work with our clients to facilitate them maximising a surplus which is then channelled into accelerated debt repayment based on structuring their borrowings optimally.


I am not advocating that our sons and daughters should be denied going to the ball, but for you to think about it as part of a wider financial plan in order to achieve your long term goals. Working with a financial personal trainer can assist you to identify your situation, where you would like to be, and, to make a plan of how to get there. Our consultants work with clients from many different backgrounds and circumstances. What they have in common is a desire to get started towards a sustainable plan for the future, including a comfortable retirement. We work in a non-judgemental, collaborative way so that clients can get ahead faster, whilst living the life they, and their ball-going children, love.


Words: Elizabeth Blake, Strategic Coach
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