Every Brand Has Its Story: Ilcsi, Our story in a Nutshell

We are very excited to announce that we will have Kim Ryan from Ilcsi NZ with us on 21 March providing treatments. To secure your appointment call (09) 528 9010; there are limited spaces available.



Everyone’s Aunt Ilcsi, our mother, our grandmother started her cosmetic career on 19 June, 1958 in Budapest in her usual exceptional way: with innovations ahead of their time, yet built on traditions. She brushed aside the Vaseline and paraffin-based products and created her first plant-based cosmetics. The immediate success of rose hip, stonecrop and red rose cosmetics was followed by further cosmetics.



It is often said that good products need no advertising. Ilcsi creams nevertheless had the advertisement; the clients spread the news themselves. That there is somebody in Budapest, who together with her family, in her kitchen using 10 blenders at the same time, prepares the country’s most effective cosmetics! No wonder that in the sixties the fellow cosmeticians also visited Aunt Ilcsi to marvel, to inspire…and to place their order.



With the positive changes in the economic environment Aunt Ilcsi, like all polymaths, was training herself and educated others at the same time as she could learn from both. She held lectures at professional events, went on study trips abroad, passed a master examination and educated cosmeticians. In the meantime she also introduced her son, Ferenc, to the secrets of collecting herbs and developed brand new cosmetics for her VIP guests, just for the challenge.



The daring undertaking turned into an enterprise. The popularity and turnover of the cosmetics required professional operation, so Ilcsi Beautifying Herbs was formed in 1984. It was literally a family business. The professional management remained under Aunt Ilcsi’s hands, while Ferenc became responsible for the management of the company. There was a need for serious help, as at that point 28 different Ilcsi products were known nationwide and it could be seen that the story wasn’t over.



By the nineties it was clear that Ilcsi had become a key player in the beauty industry not only at a domestic level, but also internationally. Aunt Ilcsi was a permanent guest at the most prestigious foreign professional conferences and became Hungry’s quasi travelling ambassador of CIDESCO. The Ilcsi professional training course started, we held the first Ilcsi Congress and a breakthrough was made: receiving the first orders from abroad.



We combined our faith in pure sources and the innovative technology to grow one of our favourite plants, aloe arborescens, on our own plantation, just like legendary red roses of Szoreg. However, we produced our cosmetics with the most up-to-date devices and our products became available and sought after in more and more countries. One of the most important results of the decade was when, for the first time in Eastern Europe, Ilcsi products became BDIH certified — one of the hardest certifications to achieve in the world.



Ee continue the journey with a new look and fresh enthusiasm, but still in the spirit of Aunt Ilcsi’s legacy. Nature has a solution for every skin problem, said our eponym decades ago. We will continue our work in this spirit to create a healthier and more conscious world.


For me, we have only scratched the surface of this amazing brand. As a professional I am extremely excited to have a natural solution to offer my clients. With Ilcsi I now have powerful, plant-based solutions! A professional treatment range in clinic, backed with the support of hard hitting homecare. It’s time you experienced it for yourself.


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Photography: @Jeffaloo