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Evolve Lifecoaching | Shape your Mind Body & Style

The saying goes that ‘a goal without a plan is just a wish’ and you know what? It’s true!


So many clients come to me having tried everything under the sun to lose weight and actually, I’m really happy to be someone’s last resort! You see, Life Coaching works in a different way; we work together coming up with plans and strategies making it easy to succeed, concentrating on good old fashioned food, balanced nutrition and wellbeing, making little tweaks here and there to suit your own lifestyle.


No fads or extreme regimes, just replacing worn out old habits with shiny new helpful ones; small sustainable changes that you can imagine yourself doing five, 10, 20 years from now.


Weight-loss is such a personal and sensitive issue, being a yo-yo dieter myself until my 30s and having kept the weight off for about 15 years now, I truly understand that a bit of guidance, kindness and a helping hand can make the world of difference.


Of course, a huge part of feeling great is being confident in the way we look. Do you ever stand in front of your wardrobe full of clothes but have nothing to wear? Has your lifestyle has changed and what you wear hasn’t?


I can help you fall in love again with the great clothes you already have and figure out essentials you still need so your wardrobe works harder. By gently helping you edit, finding your ‘uniform’ and getting capsule pieces right, you’ll have the freedom to play with fashion and trends, and as a London-trained Stylist who’s wardrobe is full of Zara, trust me — you can be over 45 and still shop the influx of British High Street stores overflowing with affordable gems, I can navigate for you to find the best bits.


So if you’re feeling ready for a change, or would like a chat about how I can help you, get in touch.


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Words: Iona Eadie-Askew

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