Nike Training App

For a training app that is enjoyable, rewarding and aesthetically inspiring, look no further than the Nike Training App. Nike has invested endless money and effort into creating a free and motivating personal trainer that you can carry in your pocket, boasting over 100 unique workouts. With personalised training programs, contributions from professional trainers and professional athletes, and a highly competitive virtual community, this app is well and truly a cut above the rest.




If you are looking for fast and visible results, Freeletics should be your first port of call. All the exercises use only your bodyweight, meaning you can do it anywhere and at any time. With short, high intensity and scientifically developed workouts, you will be motivated to fit one in every day. You’ll be seeing abs of steel in no time!




Finally, you don’t have to be an All Black or a Les Mills trainer to make money by working out. Pact is an app that lets you physically bet against others on the fact that you will do your exercise for the day, meaning that if you do yours, you will be able to claim the money of those who don’t do theirs. This adds so much incentive that you will be able to reach all your fitness goals and reap the rewards while doing so.



Charity Miles

This app lets you earn money for charity with every step, making it more rewarding than ever to complete your exercise. Choose from over 30 charities every time you work out, and the app will donate from its $500 000 sponsorship pool according to how hard you go. Not only are you benefiting your own body, but you are helping so many others as you do it.



Zombies, Run!

Look forward to your runs by playing this ever-motivating fitness game, in which you are one of the few survivors of a zombie epidemic. As you run, you complete mission by mission, having to speed up when zombies are chasing you and collecting supplies the further you run. This is a fantastic way to get some speedwork under your belt, and it is so fun, it won’t ever feel like a chore!