They say that style is a global language, but that doesn’t mean all places are equal when it comes to fashion importance — even if the internet has knocked down so many of the world’s cultural barriers. To celebrate the diversity and unique cultures that make fashion so exciting, Verve brings you four important places in current global fashion.




MOSCOW Below its sterotypical surface is a thriving ecosystem of unique subcultures and internet-savvy youth reflecting the country’s East-meets-West cultural dynamism. Moscow’s underground skateboarding and music scenes have never been healthier while Gosha Rubchinskiy looks set to take over the world with his patriotic, street-inspired collections.




BERLIN Berlin’s style has been synonymous with individuality for a long time; from its punk heyday through to the city’s current brooding, minimalist aesthetic. Recent seasons have seen a new wave of fresh talent like Sadak, Simon Freund and Hien Le crop up in the city, while Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, and industry trade shows SEEK and Premium, give local designers the chance to shine on the global stage.




TOKYO Japan’s insular culture makes Tokyo one of the strangest and most fascinating places on Earth; so it’s hardly surprising that the city’s unique fashion ecosystem is home to some truly legendary labels and a world famous retail scene. BAPE, WTAPS, NEIGHBORHOOD and fragment design have all made their mark on the global stage while COMME des GARÇONS’ bizarre family of labels continue to churn out some of the most avant-garde collections in high fashion today.




NEW YORK It’s not just brands that make NYC one of the most vibrant places in the fashion universe; the city has spawned countless trends, subcultures and aesthetics, from heritage Americana through to normcore and street goth. The city’s fashion week is one of the biggest events on the calendar, and the Capsule and Market Week trade shows make it a vital place for business, too. The biggest shifts in the way men dress the world over have emerged in New York and the city’s melting pot makes the Big Apple ground zero for all things high, low and everything in between.



Source: www.highsnobiety.com