Five Minutes with Debbie Cavit of Cavit&Co

Nestled in Parnell’s Foundation for the Blind building, Cavit&Co. is a much-loved home design icon for those seeking sophisticated luxury that stands the test of time. We spoke with Debbie Cavit about all things Cavit&Co.


Inside the doors of Cavit&Co. sit some of the finest brands in the world, and the feeling of walking amongst them is akin to being swathed in the finest cashmere. Debbie Cavit’s passion is luxuriant design coupled with a warm, friendly ambience, which flows seamlessly throughout the business.


A Masterful Eye

“I believe good design must include a high level of comfort or it just isn’t luxury. I’ve always loved the beautiful quality and finish of the high-end international brands we represent, they’re superbly designed, extremely well made and very stylish,” says Debbie. “This is what led us to work with outstanding brands like Baker, McGuire, Kelly Wearstler, Ralph Lauren and Verellen. I also have a passion for handcrafted Italian furniture and bedding and we currently carry Frette bedlinen and two beautiful Italian furniture lines: Baxter and Promemoria.”


The Crème de la Crème

Cavit&Co also works with leading manufacturers in other parts of the world including Mexico, France, Germany, Belgium, Portugal, England and Japan. “We shop the world for what we feel is the best,” says Debbie. “Our main aim is to find the perfect pieces for our clients. We work with highly acclaimed companies, which has made us popular with clients who appreciate the best. This means we’re lucky enough to work with exceptional suppliers and the nicest of clients — amazing at both ends.”


Superlative Workmanship

“Our American sofas are made with eight-way hand tied springs, which is proven over centuries to give the most support and durability for the frames,” says Debbie. “A lot of manufacturers use elastic webbing or zig zag springs which are tied together with rubber bands — this type of structure doesn’t spread the weight load along the frame and merely stops you from falling through. This also means the frames don’t last as long or provide the same comfort. Our suppliers constantly ask themselves, ‘How can I make this better?’ rather than, ‘How can I make this cheaper?’“


Understanding Value

Debbie’s discerning eye creates a seamless experience for choosing furniture, art, lighting, rugs and accessories for the interior and exterior of your home. “There needs to be a deeper understanding of what people should anticipate spending on their interiors in New Zealand,” says Debbie. “If you’re furnishing a modest home, a budget of 10% of the value of your home is appropriate, for luxury living this increases to 15-18% for furniture and furnishings, excluding art. It’s a formula often referred to in the USA, Canada, England, and throughout Europe.”


The New In-Studio Service

From the middle of this year, Cavit&Co will also be offering their full CavitStudio service. “We will be bringing in exquisite brands that are only available in a dozen countries around the world as a personal procurement service,” says Debbie. “We’re finding more and more luxury home buyers want furniture not seen on anyone’s showroom floor — something exclusive —finished and scaled to their needs by some of the finest ateliers from around the world.”


Creating Joy

“We’re not copyists, we love to create unique original homes that give people a sense of joy,” says Debbie. “We design for individuals and create a unique and personalised interior for each of our clients — interiors that suit their architecture, family and lifestyle. We firmly believe that when this is achieved a home doesn’t date. It becomes a classic and essential part of the family living there.”


Words: Jenna Moore
cavitco.com / 09 358 3771 / 547 Parnell Rd, Parnell