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Flowering cherries: A delicate delight

Why jet off to exotic locations when you can experience the elegant beauty of flowering cherries from your back garden? In spring, these gorgeous, easy-to-grow relatives of plums and peaches erupt into a stunning burst of delicate, yet oddly robust blossoms. For best results, plant now to give your trees time to put down roots before they erupt into action.


Top Varieties

Pendula rosea – This small weeping mushroom shaped tree provides a profusion of rich pink buds that open to form a mass of delicate pink blossoms. Flowers in mid-spring. Grows 2.5 x 2m.


Prunus kiku-shidare sakura – An upright tree with arched, drooping branches that produce a mass of rich, double frilly flowers in mid-spring. Grows 2.5 x 2m.


Awanui – Propagated from a gorgeous tree that was found in Taranaki, this delightful variety grows as a light and airy tree, forming draped branches that in spring become covered in a massive amount of very soft pink flowers. Grows 5 x 8m.


Planting Tips


Full Sun. Prefers free-draining soil rich in organic matter.



Dig a hole around 50-60cm deep and wide. Backfill the hole mixing in compost and sheep pellets with your soil.

When planting in heavier soils, break up the edge of the hole as you backfill and use your topsoil to fill the top of the hole.

Gently plant into the loosened soil and firm up the soil. Stake if necessary to keep the tree upright.



Water deeply every few weeks during the drier months. Less watering will be needed once the tree is properly established.

Prune out dead, damaged and diseased branches in winter. You can also prune in winter for shape and to help open the tree up.


Words: Billy Aiken
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