Forme: Power Combo Treatment

Power Combo combines three skin treatment modalities to increase the response rate for cellular regeneration and slow down the ageing process. For a cell to be coaxed into the action of regeneration we need to focus on various elements. We need to stimulate a signalling action to communicate with the cell, we then need to add the required nutrients at a cellular level and finish it off with a blast of energy to create the action we desire.


The Power Combo treatment offers all we need to combat cellular degeneration or skin ageing.


Firstly, we start with an exfoliation treatment; either a crystal micro dermabrasion or a 30% Organic Lactic Acid peel, to gently remove surface layers of skin to stimulate the cell signalling action and clear the way for deeper penetration for active ingredients, the skin is left feeling soft and supple and ready for action.


The second step is using either galvanic or ultra-sonic currents to make a pathway for the concentrated skin serums to work their magic deep into the skin at a cellular level which will supply all the nutrients the cells require for healthy and effective regeneration. Being able to reach deep into the skin enables the active ingredients to work better for longer rather than just be applied topically to the skin surface.


Finally, the pièce de résistance—light emitting diode (LED). This remarkable technology which has been used by astronauts to regenerate muscle tissue after being in space, can be used on the skin to create amazing results. Your skin has been primed and readied for action all it needs now is the power to do it. LED creates the energy called ATP which is essential for cell regeneration. It works through photo modulation which emulates photosynthesis in human skin cells, using the cell’s own cytochromes to build new cells, such as skin cells, collagen and elastin. Very much the same way as plants use chlorophyll to convert sunlight into structural building blocks. This is beautifully powerful, non-invasive treatment will ‘seal the deal’ of the Power Combo treatment and leave you wondering why you left it so long between treatments.


All treatments can be performed as standalone for great results but combine the three and you will feel and see the difference. We recommend and course of four treatments; one per week followed by monthly maintenance treatments depending on the desired results. However, for the best results it is always best to have one of our skin care professionals advise on the best treatment for you, with an in-depth skin consultation.

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