Fraser Grut’s 10,000 Dreams | Day 537: JACKIE VAN BEEK

The name’s Fraser Grut and I’m a 23-year-old filmmaker and have been since the age of seven.


I have a dream. (Don’t sue me, Dr. King!) A BIG dream. I want to change the world through film. How? By helping the world to dream again.


I run a little project called ‘10,000 Dreams’ where every single day for 10,000 days (27.37907 years) I’m filming a different person answering the question ‘what’s your dream?’


Currently, as I write this column, I’m on day 587. Nearly there…


Question time:

Who starred in the 2018 Kiwi comedy The Breaker Upperers?




“Okay, I’m really excited about the possibility of sitting on international film juries in towns and cities and countries that I’d otherwise never travel to, and learning about cultures that way. And a really important part of my dream is to be able to take my kids to these cities and towns and countries and for them to explore the world through people’s stories.”


I received a cheeky message two weeks later, from an unknown sauce. It wasn’t tomato (he’s overseas ATM), it couldn’t have been the mayo.. surely not Tabasco?


*generic iPhone SE ringtone*


15/06/18 / 1.57pm NZT




“Hi Fraser. Just got invited to sit on the jury for an Iranian film festival. And my son is coming to be a part of their youth jury. The universe is listening! Jackie.”


The morals of the story:
  1. Jackie Van Beek starred in the 2018 Kiwi comedy The Breaker Upperers.
  2. How awesome is this!? Jackie put herself out there and opportunities are now opening up. She’s on her way to fulfilling her dream.
  3. Sauce is good.


So dream.

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