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From Frumpy Mummy to Foxy Mama


You know, sometimes it’s just easier to let someone else do the talking. I’ve recently been working with Cara from, who did my full eight-session ‘designer suit’ makeover. I asked her to write about her experience for you.



Having three children later in life in quick succession, the first being a set of twins, does something to a woman’s body. Let’s face it, most of us don’t look like models during pregnancy at any age, all slim and gorgeous with a neat bump out in front.


Fast forward and my youngest just turned two. Jeans and t-shirts were my go-to on weekends. My working wardrobe was hastily put together when I returned to work and realised my old clothes didn’t fit anymore. I’d just launched a new business and started to have a renewed interest in how I presented myself again.


I was in a dilemma. I wanted to look and feel good about myself but I had little inclination to aimlessly wander through stores trying things on until something clicked. I’d had 40 years figuring out how to dress my pre-baby body; I didn’t want to spend the next 40 figuring things out all over again.


It was when I was thinking about our next month’s focus for (where we inspire mums to take better care of themselves) that I decided to refer to the experts and contacted Jackie from Signature Style for a makeover. I decided to blog about my journey in the hopes of inspiring other mums who had lost their fashion mojo too.


With gentle humour, Jackie consulted with me on my colours, style, makeup, hair and existing wardrobe. She planned out a new capsule wardrobe for me that culminated in a shopping trip. I couldn’t believe the items Jackie had chosen for me — it would have taken me months to figure that all out. The cherry on top was being able to take advantage of her stylist discounts — I could take home this gorgeous collection!


The experience has more than lived up to my expectations and boosted my confidence in ways I hadn’t anticipated. I’ve had so many positive comments about my new look that I’m now busy getting my girlfriends to sign up too.


Jackie – this newfound Foxy Mama thanks you.


Do you need a transformation? Get in touch – I’d LOVE to help! Jackie O’Fee is owner of Signature Style. | 09 529 5115