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Gems, Drums and Rock n Roll

Gems, Drums and Rock n Roll

A Newmarket Jewellery store seems like an odd place to meet the drummer of an 80s Kiwi rock band, but that’s precisely where Steve Clarkson (drummer for The Narcs) and I are chatting over coffee about the good ol’ days. Readers might remember The Narcs from their 1984 hit Heart and Soul – “you took me heart and soul, over and over…”. We’re using this location because Steve and his partner, Linda are here at Belloro Fine Jewellery to collect their personalised rings, designed with the help of the store’s owner, Josephine Fryer.

Both Steve and Linda maintain that it was love at first sight and Linda insists he was, “the sexiest silver fox” she’d ever set eyes upon. They have had five rings made at Belloro Fine Jewellery, all with great symbolic value for the couple.

The first resembles one of Steve’s beloved snare drums. Two gold bands (made partly with gold from one of Steve’s teeth) represent the rims of the drum, and birthstones (one for each of Steve’s children and one for Linda and Steve) stand in for the tension rod casing around the circumference of the ring.

For the second ring Steve chose a stunning large oval pink morganite stone for Linda, set on a 18ct rose gold and diamond band (using her own diamonds from an old ring), nestled on four elaborately constructed rose gold feathers. Feathers are close to Linda’s heart and are emblematic of her spiritual beliefs.

The third ring was a matching delicate rose gold and diamond band to go with Linda’s morganite ring.

The fourth is a simple, yet unique gold ribbon for Steve’s daughter made from one of Steve’s old rings.

The fifth ring was made with one of Linda’s large citrine rings. The original citrine ring was very bulky yet Belloro Fine Jewellery transformed it into a stunning ring, showing the beauty of the stone and set with diamonds and yellow gold.

Steve and Linda are both obviously thrilled with Belloro Fine Jewellery’s work and are impressed with how quickly Josephine understood and was able to interpret their desires. Linda and Steve thoroughly recommend Belloro Fine Jewellery for anyone who wants to have a unique, beautiful, handmade piece of jewellery made, either with new stones or using their own stones and gold.

Linda said “the whole process was a wonderful experience in the comfort of a relaxed boutique jewellery store.”

Back to rock ‘n’ roll, The Narcs still practice together regularly and are in fact headlining in Mardsen Cove in January.  Steve keeps himself fit and strong by running and lifting weights so he can handle the long hours of drumming. He’s got some great stories from the good old days. The Narcs were the warm up act when Queen came here in the 80s. He describes chatting to Freddie Mercury whilst Brian May and Roger Taylor were sitting some way off discussing the set up for their show.

Without warning, Taylor violently kicked one of his drums across the stage yelling, “the fookin snare sounds like shite.” It must have been a somewhat regular occurrence as Freddie was apparently entirely unfazed. This is just one of Steve’s amazing stories that will continue on.