Get Your Party Glow On

Whether you’re juggling a jam-packed social calendar, back-to-back office events, a house filled with in-laws or the chaos of holiday shopping, the festive season can be far from restful.


Take a deep breath.


We have everything you need to stay cool, calm, and beautiful.


Radiant Skin 101


  1. If you’ve already got a great skincare regime, keep doing what you’re doing (or you could add number three and/or four). After all, there’s no point in fixing what’s not broken. However, if you haven’t got that covered ask us for a prescription. Trust me, the right skincare can visibly change your complexion.


  1. Part of our ‘script’ will be exfoliation. It’s an imperative part of any skin care regime, especially if you feel like you’re lacking your usual glow. Exfoliating helps other skincare ingredients to penetrate the skin more effectively and encourages the radiance you’re after.


  1. Do you want to take it up a notch or two? I’d suggest an Dermalogica IONActive Power Treatment. It’ll give you an extra boost with intense hydration and super duper active ingredients and technology. You’ll see results after one treatment. Better yet, a course of three to six will turbo charge the benefits.


  1. The tech tools we have for great skin these days are fantastic and an LED light course will stimulate your cells to produce the nutrients they need. The pay-off? Better hydration, firmness and luminosity.


Beauty From Within


As you know we’re all about the health of your skin at Louise Gray, and we’re firm believers skin health starts from within. While we love the ease of slathering on a cream or lotion for a brighter, fresher complexion, we know that much of what you see on the outside comes from what you put into your body. Luckily, the clever folk at Bestow Beauty Skin Foods have devised skincare supplements with beautifying benefits that can help counteract late nights and too many cocktails!! And the Rewind IGF1 supplement helps with rejuvenation and is also a modern day bonus.


When you’ve got radiant skin, the hard work is done. Just add bronzer, lashings of mascara, a touch of lipstick and you can’t help but sparkle.


So put yourself in our hands. We’ve got the tools to help you look amazing at this wonderfully busy time of the year. Enjoy.



Words: Jenna Moore

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