5 tips to help you get through winter

Winter might make you want to keep warm and stay inside, but keeping fit throughout the colder months is just as important. Reform Pilates lets us in on 5 tips to help get you through winter and ways to stay motivated. They’re also giving you a chance to win a 5 class pass to keep you moving!


    1. Use a studio that offers several different classes – this way you get variety to your workouts. Our Reform studios offer Reformer Pilates, Cariolates (Spin and Reformer), Hot HIIT Pilates (in a heated room, bonus for winter) and Boxmaster classes. We also offer Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced classes to allow continued strength and growth in our client ability.


    1. Choose a studio that you have to book into and pay for in advance – while this is a cunning business tool, it also serves to hold you accountable and (hopefully) stop you from cancelling, when going home to sit in front of the fire with a glass of red wine sounds a lot more appealing (this can come later).


    1. Find something you can enjoy (consider a more flexible meaning for ‘enjoy’ for those that are extremists in exercise hate) that is beneficial and sustainable – there’s no point doing something that isn’t worth your while or that you aren’t able to do on a regular basis to enforce change.


    1. Take a friend – sounds cliché but if you’re not one to try new things, then this makes things less daunting for the first few times. It also holds you accountable for the workout if you’re meeting someone there. Reform also offers ‘friends rewards’ so check these out within our studios – you can take a friend for free (they’ll owe you a coffee afterwards).


    1. Use a studio that takes the thinking away from you, provides the motivation and has a positive vibe. Reform studios are fitted out with the best machinery and provide an interior experience that the essence of the workout. All you really need to do is turn up, our trainers do the rest to ensure you get variety and best out of your workout.


Article by Jane Gibson – Founder of Reform Pilates. Check out Reform studio locations and info at www.reformfitness.co.nz


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