Get Your Body in Shape the Right Way This New Year

With the new year already underway, this is the perfect time to set yourself new fitness goals. We’ve compiled our top five tips to help you get your body in shape the right way. 


Elevate your heart rate with HIIT

High intensity interval training (HIIT) is becoming a growing trend amongst the fitness community, and for good reason. HIIT involves short bursts of intense exercise alternated with low-intensity recovery periods. This gets your heart rate pumping and burns more calories than if you were on a treadmill for the same amount of time!


Invest in proper shoes

Injuries caused by inappropriate shoes can needlessly derail your fitness goals so make sure you invest in shoes designed for your favourite workout. Reebok tapped into insights from the HIIT community to build a shoe that provides the grip, stability and durability that HIIT demands. Reebok HIIT TR was designed for uninhibited movement in multiple planes, whether pushing, pulling, squatting, lunging or swinging, the HIIT TR’s enhanced midfoot support cage provides stability to support your performance.


Ensure you never skip a post-workout snack

Having a protein-rich snack after your workout is crucial in giving your muscles the nutrients they need to repair themselves. This will help you recover faster and become even stronger than if you skipped a snack. Some of our top pick snacks are almonds, edamame beans and chia pudding.


Get your body moving even if you are not going to the gym

Your body responds better to a variety of new challenges and dynamic movements. Why not get your body moving outside of the gym to switch things up and make it more fun? This will take the ‘work’ out of working out. We love to go on a hike, jog, or play tennis to work out a range of muscles.


Don’t neglect your water bottle

Drinking water during and after your workout is not hard to remember, but it is critical to hydrate yourself beforehand. If you wait till you are sweating to drink water, then you are likely already dehydrated. The best time to start drinking is 30 minutes before you head out the door.


Reebok HIIT TR features

  • Leveraged insights from the HIIT community to create a shoe designed to handle the diverse and dynamic movements of HIIT workouts
  • Outsole designed with two high-performance rubbers and a pivot pro to increase control of lateral movement
  • Enhanced midfoot support cage added for greater stability during plyometric movements
  • Cushioning and lightweight foam deliver superior comfort through rigorous workouts
  • Mixed grip pattern provides traction in every direction


Reebok HIIT TR is available to purchase now from Reebok.co.nz $170