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Getting Ready for Summer this Spring! | Swim Season

Longer days filled with sunshine and warm temperatures mean one thing: swim season is near!


Celebrate and make the most of this spring by preparing for summer swim safety with these three tips:

1.Practise water safety

It’s imperative that your children know how to act appropriately in and around bodies of water. This includes walking — not running — around pools. In addition, make sure to talk to your children about how lifeguards help and to always swim with adult supervision. Hilton Brown Swimming focuses on water safety during every lesson, with even more intensity during Water Safety Awareness Week — some truly awesome customer service!

2.Learn how to go underwater

Not panicking when inadvertently going underwater is paramount, but when your children know how to hold their breath and go underwater it heightens their confidence in
and around the pool, lake or ocean. Knowing how to go underwater is one of the things all children should know how to do in the water, and an important part of being safe in the water. Hilton Brown Swimming instructors utilise empathy and trust to help your children improve their swim skills and get those extraordinary results!

3.Understand basic swim strokes

Obviously, your infant who just started swim lessons probably won’t be doing the backstroke across the pool this summer (but you never know!). But for older children who will be playing in the water, it’s helpful to have some knowledge of basic swimming strokes. This allows your little fish to practise how to swim and be able to safely move around in the water. Plus, knowing how to swim offers children great benefits that will stick with them for years to come.


Get ready for the summer swim season by signing your children up for swimming lessons at Hilton Brown Swimming! Our highly trained teaching staff cater for all ages of swimmers, from
babies through to mini squad training, and adults too!