Lucy Wright (right) with her friends.

Getting to know Lucy Wright

Lucy Wright is a New Zealand born independent creative director and art curator living in New York City.


I have been fortunate enough to grow up surrounded by fine works of art. As long-standing patrons and collectors of the arts my parents have instilled in me a lifelong interest in art, artists and the art world as a whole. I continued to nurture my interest in art when I moved to London to complete my undergraduate degree at the prestigious Central Saint Martins specialising in advertising and video photography. It was there that my passion for photography came to fruition and I expanded my knowledge into the multitude of art form mediums.


Upon graduating from Central Saint Martins, I began to visit the studios of young emerging artists. I realised that these talented artists did not yet have a platform on which to present their work so I decided to create a space for them in which to do so. I started curating my own art shows under the name of PropArty in abandoned houses around London. These venues created the perfect viewing space for artists such as Danny Fox, Alba Hodsoll and Richie Culver. The work was well received which made the production of the shows all the more exhilarating. There was an audience and the work sold. I wanted to continue down this road and decided to further my art education with a masters in art history.


This led me to New York to undertake a masters in art history and art business at Christies, an affiliate of the auction house. Having lived in New York now for almost three years I am still very much taken with its unique energy, culture and creativity. Every day when I walk to work I am moved and inspired by the incredibly diverse architecture that makes up the city scape. The nature and enthusiasm that New Yorkers possess is one of such positivity it makes one truly believe that anything is possible. This driven community attracts and encourages not only creativity but opportunities of collaboration which encourages me to continuously push myself.


After graduating from Christies, I began working at Smack Mellon, where I mentored young adults. It was here, surrounded by environmental experts I was able to develop my knowledge and long-held interest in preserving the ocean and environment. As a result of this I began work with an organisation called Project Zero. I came on board to help facilitate partnerships with artists as well as fostering a relationship with the UN. I am so proud to be part of the organisation and am committed to continue working with them in the future.


Recently I have become involved in raising environment awareness through artistic collaboration. The various projects I’ve worked on have cemented my belief that art, in its many forms, has the power to bring people together when presented on the right platform. Art has the ability to create huge impact, influencing social change and breaking barriers through shining a spotlight on problems that exist within our society.


What I love most about my job is its versatility. I am constantly inspired by working with talented and innovative artists who have unique visions. It is a multidisciplinary world. It allows me to get creative with a diverse range of media as well as industries including music, art, theatre, fashion, technology and philanthropy. I love the challenge of weaving worlds together and creating something unique and memorable. From scouting locations, to studio visits, to conceptualising events, curating spaces and creative directing — it is the nature of collaboration that binds my work together.


I’ve had the opportunity to work on several exciting projects in New York including Le Mer / Project Zero Wave Walk, Salt-T, and most recently Four on Four a music Ocean collaboration.


I hope to become a driving force for change through artistic/environmental collaboration. Watch this space!