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Good Tastes of Tuscany Wine Tour

Tuscany is one of the few places in the world that can give New Zealand a run for its money in terms of stunning scenery and great wines.


Indeed, Tuscany is a veritable microcosm of all that is splendid in the world. From sparkling coasts to the mountains, it is brimming with some of the most spectacular landscapes, iconic buildings, delicious foods and best wines in the world. Tuscany’s extensive past is also peppered with some of the greatest names in history, resulting in an artistic and architectural patrimony like no other.


To experience this hub of wonders, The Villa Pandolfini estate has all the ‘Good Tastes of Tuscany’ in one location, Massimo Brogi, the estate’s owners’ son, has been sharing for years his love of the region, aiming to expose the traveller to the authentic face of the land, firstly through the estate’s homes that can be rented from a farmstay experience to the elegant historic renaissance villa accommodation.


The villa is replete with a frescoed ballroom and loggia, historic cellar, a private chapel and swimming pools, all surrounded by vineyards, olive groves, Italian gardens and even a private forest.



There are also private villas with private pools scattered through the hills of the estate.


Massimo and his wife 17 years ago set out to create the perfect Tuscan experience and formed the website offering awarded and certified hands-on cooking classes taught by professional chefs and enogastronomic vacations. The choices range from a one-day to a week to the master chef monthly programme.


The medieval tower sets the stage for this unforgettable experience with ancient stone floors and vaulted ceilings paired with modern cooking equipment. People from all over the world gather to enhance their skills.



The extra-virgin olive oil and wine produced on-site follows a 400-year-old recipe. Recently, the estate has also adopted a new vinification method under Massimo’s guidance resulting in a modern blend with elevated polyphenols extracted from the skins for a robust wine.  Massimo is also working on a patent for a new process for ageing the wine. The old meets the new!


Not into cooking? Not to worry. Come, relax and stay with friends or family. Tuscany isn’t a place to rush, it’s somewhere to unwind. The Pandolfini Estate is still a family affair with three generations of the Brogi family involved and eager to assist.


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