Grafton Dental: Fresh Start & New Smiles

Growing up, Dr Vaibhav Talesara, or “Dr V”, admired contemporary architecture, so it’s only fitting that the dentist finally managed to put his creative streak to good use in designing the layout of Grafton Dental—a sophisticated space that owes its appearance as much to a health retreat-cum-contemporary gallery as it does to a clinic.



“This is my first private practice, it’s my baby,” he beams. “It was very exciting to watch it all come together after everything has been handpicked. I’ve have been blessed with a tremendously supportive family: all working until the early hours to get it all ready. It’s even more exciting now that we are up and running.”



Mid-century modern chairs grace the waiting room, a geometric soon-to-be-trademarked copper logo adorns the marble-finished wall behind reception, and a handful of limited edition Anna Leyland prints, also in copper, grace the hallways. “We wanted to incorporate Kiwiana art, as opposed to the traditional photos of smiling faces,” says V. The clinic, which opened just a couple of months ago, has been entered in the NZ Master Joiners Awards for its custom-designed reception.



The fashionable space is flooded with natural light, and equipped with state-of-the-art gear designed and handmade in Europe. Above the dental chair, a flatscreen TV is affixed to the ceiling. Everything has been done to create the most relaxing environment for the patient. “Dentistry has come a long way since I first started practising more than a decade ago,” says V. “One of the most challenging — and rewarding — parts of the job, is helping patients overcome their fear. Patient education is an intergral part of that. For example, I will show them pictures of their teeth using an intraoral camera, instead of just telling them what’s wrong; give advice on oral health; check their dietary history; or encourage them to quit smoking.” Follow-up care, too, is vital. “We call patients the day after procedures and when they tell you they ‘feel like a box of fluffy ducks’, that makes me happy — as does seeing them smile more after we’ve done some cosmetic work.” The clinic also has a strong focus on technology to enhance the patient experience, providing easy and convenient online booking.



V, who hails from Mumbai and has lived in New Zealand since 2009, started practising after futher studies at the University of Otago. He feels blessed to be in a profession that he so adores: “I get excited about coming in to work on Monday mornings.”



When V began working with his mentor, Dr Suvarna Nene, a decade ago, he realised he’d found his calling. “She is a world-leading dentist and implant surgeon,” he says. “I learnt an incredible amount from her. She was my inspiration, and her passion rubbed off on me.” It was V’s mother, Jayshri, who encouraged him to go abroad to enhance his career and experience a different culture. He cites his mum and brother, Atul, as his biggest cheearleaders.



As for the future, he plans to expand the surgery, to become a specialty practice, focussing on cosmetic dentistry and endodontics. “The clinic’s first and foremost focus will always be quality dentistry. Professional, passionate, affordable. It’s that simple!”


Unit 4, Building A, Ground Floor, 8 Nugent Street, Grafton
info@graftondental.co.nz | 09 320 4161