Greg Holland

Verve chats to master jeweller, Greg Holland.

How long have you been in business?

My career stated back in 1986 with the Benchmark Jewellery Company in Mauranui Ave.  After leaving New Zealand for 4 years and then living in Wellington for 6 years, I returned to Auckland and started my manufacturing retail business in 2002 working from my current space in Daytone House, Davis Crescent.


From where do you source your diamonds?

My diamonds are sourced from local suppliers here in Auckland. On occasions I deal with international suppliers particularly when I’m looking for something unusual, like pink diamonds and other large coloured diamonds.


Current trends in bespoke jewellery?

I am seeing a resurgence in bespoke jewellery itself. Customers are increasingly wanting handmade, something totally unique, and to work with someone they can trust. Anything can be crafted: if we can dream it and draw then it can be created.

Best way to keep jewellery clean and sparkly?

A regular professional clean and polish is the best way to do this. If a Verve reader wants to come in to my studio, I will clean their jewellery, free of charge.


What brings you great joy?

In a business sense – the moment in a customer’s eye when they see their finished piece for the first time: that is really amazing!  I have had tears of joy and huge hugs of delight from my customers and that is really what it’s about for me.  In fact I had a call from a customer today to say that his wife is still getting regular compliments on her piece even after 12 years!


What is the best advice you’ve been given?

To think big; to be yourself; to do what you love and surround yourself with amazing people – and I have done just that!


What is your greatest indulgence?

I guess that would be my boat and her name is G ‘n T.

Favourite quote?

Quality is remembered long after price is forgotten – Aldo Gucci.


How do you get to work?

I’m a fortunate in that I have the option of using the Gulf Harbour ferry and the train which has been a great alternative to driving, and all the challenges that this entails.


What is on your perennial to-do list?

To be outdoors as much as possible: I live on the Hibiscus Coast so anything water-related is high on my list — but I am also preparing for my annual ski touring trip.  Ski Touring is a new passion that I absolutely love. Being in the Southern Alps is incredible.  The club fields in the Craigieburn range in north Canterbury are incredible and offer a true adventure.


Three books on your bookshelf?

I am currently reading Tipping Point, which is an interesting read, and am also part way through Pillars of the Earth. In the past I have enjoyed many biographies such as Keith Richards, Richard Branson, and Ray Avery.


Photographer: Michael Lewis