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Have You Put Your Teeth Off For Years?

Do you clench your teeth? Could Botox be the solution? Let Out Family Help Yours.


Is that niggle becoming a daily problem? Do you want a carefree smile? Haven’t found a dentist you trust? We know the dentist is nobody’s favourite place, but after visiting Bays Dental, you might just change your mind.


Countless testimonials recount Bays Dental to be warm, friendly and honest. Word of mouth is ever so powerful and they’re proud to bring the majority of new patients to their clinic based on referrals from happy, existing patients.


Who We Are

A love for transforming smiles runs through the blood with Dr Young Kim founding Bays Dental in 2001 with his daughter, Dr Inah Mundy (née Kim). It’s now a real family affair with Dr Inah’s husband, Dr Lance Mundy also joining the team. The dental family trio are backed up by an A-team of support staff (who feel more like family) that brings about smiles and keeps the clinic ticking like clock-work.


How We’re Different

This North Shore family business brings a sense of personalised care tailored for you and your family. Not only do they value their patients’ time and commitment with them, but they treat them like family.


Alongside all routine dental procedures, each dentist has a unique interest in particular fields of dentistry such as dental implant surgery, orthodontics, braces and Invisalign, full mouth makeovers, Botox and lip fillers. This allows a tailored team approach to address a wide range of concerns a particular person may have.



Something Unique: Jaw Clenching + Botox

Dr Inah personally suffered a decade of clenching and jaw stiffness until she discovered muscle relaxant injections: “For me, nightguards weren’t working as I clenched during the day, causing tenderness in my jaw and ears, resulting in headaches.” Once she felt the amazing relief brought on by a round of treatments, undergoing training with AADFA (Australasian Academy of Dento-Facial Aesthetics) was a no-brainer. Fully certified, Dr Inah is passionate about providing cosmetic anti-wrinkle injections and beautiful, pain-free lip fillers in a sterilised clinical environment.


Currently Bays Dental is offering Botox, filler and orthodontic consultations COMPLIMENTARY for a limited time for Verve readers.


Words: Dr Inah Mundy

04 410 0042 /
252 Forrest Hill Rd, North Shore