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Healthy Staples

Leah Chandler, family fitness expert and founder of Kids Fit Australia and Family Fit Online shares her tips for healthy pantry staples and what to add to your family shopping list.


Here are just a few of the things that you can always find in my pantry:


Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Not only is this oil fabulous for cooking in general and making great salad dressings, it has anti-inflammatory properties. It also strengthens your immune system.


Coconut Oil

This oil eases digestion and has amazing benefits for your skin!  Plus it has properties that boost your immunity and metabolism.  I am dairy intolerant, so I use it in my black coffee every morning, it adds a lovely flavour to it!  It is also great to use in slices, protein balls, and so on.


Apple Cider Vinegar

This vinegar is known to reduce appetite and cravings, plus aids digestion and lowers bad cholesterol.  It can be used in cooking and salads, plus it also works as an all-purpose house-cleaner!


Tinned Tuna/Salmon

These are for the times that a quick salad is on the cards or perhaps for a yummy wrap for the kids’ lunch boxes.


Brown Rice

Brown rice has a nice nutty flavour that can be used with all sorts of dishes.  It has properties that can improve your digestive and heart health, amongst other things!  It is also easy to store.


Gluten Free Pasta

Kids love pasta, and in my household there is sensitivity to gluten so we always look for a good quality rice pasta.  We have this about once a week and that seems to keep the kids happy!



Almonds are high in healthy fats, fibre, protein and various important nutrients, plus they taste great!  They can be used in cooking and for a healthy snack for the kids and parents!


Himalayan Pink Sea Salt

This has lots of great minerals that help maintain strong bones, connective tissues, muscle regeneration and blood circulation.  I add a teaspoon of salt to a water bottle anytime my kids are playing sport or I am at the gym.  This has great properties to keep you hydrated for longer and helps keep cramps at bay!


100% Coconut Cream

You can also add a teaspoon in oatmeal instead of milk, or blend it up with frozen fruit and then freeze it as ice creams!  It adds flavour and has great anti-inflammatory and aids digestion!  It can also be used in many dishes.


Coconut Water

This has properties that can aid in regulation of blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol.  It can also aid digestion as well.  We also use this for rehydration when our kids are playing sport in the hot sun, as well as making ice-blocks with it (just add fruit and spinach/kale in there too, blend it up and freeze!)



We are always having oatmeal in our house!  It is a good source of fibre, protein and good fats and is loaded with vitamins and minerals. Plus, oatmeal is so easy to make and very inexpensive! You can also add oats to healthy snacks such as slices, protein balls, on top of yoghurt or to fruit salad.


Words: Leah Chandler