Hello Cup, Power of the Clams

Kiwi company The Hello Cup are taking the world by storm with their menstrual cups. For their latest collaboration they’ve teamed up with Melbourne water ballet troupe The Clams to help spread awareness about sustainable period options and to support period poverty.


Period poverty and the waste produced by single-use period products are both topics that have long been ignored but the tide is finally starting to turn, says Hello Cup co-founder Robyn McLean.


“People are realising there are more sustainable ways to manage periods and menstrual cups are a big part of that because a single cup lasts for years, so they’re a much more environmentally friendly choice. They also save the user a huge amount of money over time compared to single-use options and we believe they have huge potential to play a real role in helping to reduce period poverty.”


Aware that not all menstrual cups were made equal, Robyn founded Hello Cup with her best friend and registered nurse, Mary Bond in 2017. “Hello Cups have a unique design which makes them really comfortable. Also, Hello Cups last for at least five years, which means each cup saves an average of 1,800 single use items from landfill,” says Mary.


Hello Cups are made in Hawke’s Bay and are shipped from their distribution office which is run by Mary in Wellington. With their fun approach to periods, the company has quickly gained a cult following and are now stocked all over the world, including in the US by Urban Outfitters.


After discovering The Clams online, Hello Cup approached them about working together. The result is a Limited Edition red ‘Hello Clams Cup’.  A percentage of profits from the collaboration will support the work of non-profit group One Girl.

“We adore everything The Clams stand for and their light-hearted approach to tackling serious topics such as periods and women’s rights,” says Robyn. “We knew they were the perfect fit for us and lots of them are ex-pat Kiwis which is awesome too. Talking about periods doesn’t mean you can’t have fun at the same time, so this collaboration is a dream come true.”


Clam producer Francis van Beek said the troupe was excited about doing a collaboration which gives back.


“We think the Hello Cup is clamtastic and it’s an honour to have our own limited edition cup. As Melbourne’s least professional, feminist water ballet team we’re all about celebrating women while challenging the issues and stigmas that hold them back. The opportunity to talk about periods while supporting an organisation like One Girl is bloody brilliant!”


One Girl CEO Sarah Ireland said the collaboration would help them with the work they do tackling the barriers that prevent many girls from accessing education.


“Around the world, a lack of proper sanitation facilities, education about menstrual hygiene, and affordable sanitary items means many girls are missing out on school when they get their period. But we’re working to change that! We love that by purchasing a Hello Clams Cup, you are also helping One Girl empower women and girls by providing quality education programs and safe and dignified periods!”


Hello Cups, including the limited edition Hello Clams Cups, are available via thehellocup.com


Photography — Bri Hammond