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Image supplied by Andrew Daily Architects.

Home Security Makeover | Stay Up-To-Date Whilst You Renovate

When renovating or changing things around the house, there is no better time to consider a security upgrade. A personalised alarm system installed by experienced professionals can add value to your home, protect your assets, and, most importantly, provide you with the added depth of safety and security you deserve.


Before kicking off your home alterations, it’s worthwhile getting some expert advice. If you have an existing alarm system then consulting with professionals is a necessity as alarm systems are designed to detect and report anything that tampers with them – even when they’re not armed. Home renovation work can potentially cause unwanted issues with your alarm that may compromise its long-term function. No one enjoys listening to falsely activated sirens — especially not the neighbours!


Reviewing your home security’s efficiency can also be worked in with planning for smart home automation features. A more sophisticated IP-based solution not only allows users increased autonomy, it makes it easier to add new functionality such as lighting, door access, or window and perimeter controls in the future. The ability to customise your home alarm system to fit with your changing lifestyle is more simple and affordable than ever. The addition of a communication module and wireless receiver to an existing alarm panel might be all that’s needed to revolutionise the control you have when away from home. This technology can now give you the ability to check and change the status of your alarm, or even individual appliance, from anywhere with a cellphone signal or Wi-Fi.


However, even with all these new home gadgets in place nothing beats the assurance of having professional response just minutes away in the event of an intruder, fire, or safety emergency.


It can be a hectic time whilst you’re in the midst of a home renovation, especially if you’ve moved out for a few weeks or months. This is where formulating a plan to fit your renovation absences can be really helpful. During times of vulnerability, a security patrol officer can be arranged to regularly check the site to prevent burglars identifying your home as being unoccupied and an easy target. After all, peace of mind is paramount to smooth operations from beginning to end.


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