Aquarius | 20 January – 18 February

You’ll be able to understand your feelings and allow yourself to emote more freely. Being in tune with your feelings could even prove to be beneficial to you. You can strengthen your inner foundation, and become even more stable and secure. This can also be a good time to look for a new job. You also feel you have more energy when you have a partner to express your emotions.


Aries | 21 March – 19 April

You can be presented with the opportunity to make a dream of yours come true and it’s an exciting prospect. You can focus on something intensely and learn as much as you can about it to become somewhat of an expert and people can look to you for your expertise. This could be an excellent time to do some work on your home that increases its value.


Taurus | 20 April – 20 May

You can achieve many smaller goals or a big goal because you’re so dedicated and hard-working, and have enough energy to keep working until you’re done. You’re charming and can attract many suitors, though you can keep them at a distance emotionally. You need a certain amount of freedom in love, otherwise you’ll run away when you feel stifled. You’ll need patience, or you’ll rip out your hair.


Gemini | 21 May – 20 June

You have plenty of drive and stamina to get work done, and you can cross a lot off of your list. If you’re in a relationship, you can grow closer to your partner, you’re both a lot happier, and your bond together deepens. You can improve the relationships you have with your family, move into a better home and feel like you’re on solid ground.


Cancer | 21 June – 22 July

Your career and work life gets a boost as the month goes on and you continue to experience rapid changes in your career, feel restless and want to try new things, and be attracted to work that’ll push you out of your comfort zone. You can date unusual people, have unusual relationships, start relationships fast and end them just as quickly, and be attracted to original people.


Leo| 23 July – 22 August

You have energy and drive to accomplish your goals and achieve success, and these could lead to powerful changes. You have more confidence, you can think more clearly, and you come up with new ideas. Just watch for being overly ruthless or dominating. You want to spend time with loved ones, have one-on-one attention with them, commit yourself to them and forge better intimacy.


Virgo | 23 August – 22 September

You can be creative, but you have to force yourself to focus, otherwise the creative energy goes nowhere. You may want to focus on your hobbies too much, forgoing any work and just wanting to indulge in play. You can be a little too theatrical in love, be a little too jealous, or have too much pride. Listen to your gut and pay attention to any signs the universe has for you.


Libra | 23 September – 22 October

You’re calmer and more steady and in touch with your senses. Your beliefs are more important to you, and you feel more emotionally connected to them. If you’ve made good decisions and worked hard, you can see good things happen. If you’ve been lazy and irresponsible, you can experience setbacks. Make sure you have plenty of time for rest and relaxation or you’ll be mighty grumpy.


Scorpio | 23 October – 21 November

This month can bring your finances to the forefront, and you decide what you need to do differently. Give yourself plenty of time to get your work done, and don’t take on too much or you’ll drain yourself. This is a good month for dealing with your loved ones, expressing your love for others, and spending time with those you’re close to.


Sagittarius | 22 November – 21 December

You can have the opportunity to pursue one of your dreams, be more focused on your future, pursue something outside of the box that could lead to great new things, start a new friendship or join a new group. You can focus on the direction your life is taking, and see if you need to shift course at all. You’re also more authoritative and want to give orders, not take them.


Capricorn | 20 January – 18 February

You’ll likely feel more enthusiastic and open to starting something new. This is a great time if you’re an artistic type, and you can channel this energy into your creations. You take on more projects, you expand your to-do list and you don’t want to put things off any longer. You feel good about trying new ideas that are unusual and innovative, and like being around with original people.


Pisces | 19 February – 20 March

You can make great strides with your work. You can take on a big work project that gets you noticed. You can be offered a fantastic new job, or get several new job opportunities. Some of you may feel like you’re being held back and stifled where you’re currently working, and decide it’s time to move on to something else. You’re driven to have love, be affectionate, and fall in love.


Manish Kumar Arora