Horoscopes | August 2019

23 July — 22 August

You are seeing past relationships and expectations in a different light and redefining what it is you now want and need from your connections and your studies. New information can surface that shines a light on a past matter, or there can be a connection made with someone from your past. You should reorganise your financial strategy, avoid extravaganza, give importance to priorities in life and save for the future.


23 August — 22 September

You can feel particularly impassioned and motivated to learn, share ideas, and work on pet projects. You may come across a little abruptly at times, but you have a lot going on and much to keep you busy and engaged. Being around other people in groups may be how you feel best going into August, but as the month rolls on, you may want to be by yourself more, needing to re-energise with some rest and retreat.


23 September — 23 October

This is a time for making decisions and correcting imbalances in your life, particularly if you’ve been overly tied up with your daily affairs and living in your mind a little too much. You have a need to live and love more freely rather than spending too much time worrying about problems. Travel or connections made with people from vastly different cultures than your own can be enjoyable and beneficial.


23 October — 21 November

This is a strong month for accounting work and taking charge of your intimate or financial life. The desire for recognition of your performance can be stimulated. Unhealthy dependencies need to go. While some of you could be experiencing real conflicts with a partner or best friend, others may be actively working to improve partnerships. Relationships that have been too restrictive, tense, dull, or negative need to improve.


22 November — 21 December

This month brings strong and enthusiastic energy to your domestic projects and home life. You’re generally in good shape when it comes to your close relationships as well animating romantic relationships, firing up feelings towards someone, and inspiring you to create, share, and connect. There is more fire, passion, and motivation to express yourself in unique, special ways, and more courage to chase your heart’s desire.


22 December — 19 January

This can be a good time for self-discovery as well as assistance and support of others. You may get a chance to make peace with the past in some significant manner. It’s a good period for refocusing and re-establishing yourself and your goals. This month helps to soften your disposition and aids efforts to enjoy yourself, pursue your wishes, and ‘make nice’ with people in your life.

20 January — 18 February

You’re more assertive and opportunities that emerge are a little clearer and more straightforward. You pay more attention to personal needs and wants, your image, appearance, and health. Personal magnetism moves up a notch. People notice you, want you, and want to be around you. You are more interested in the long term when it comes to love, although, friendship and camaraderie assume more importance during last week.


19 February — 20 March

It’s not the most decisive month, but future decisions will be stronger if you take the time to reflect now. You might take this time to reassess your longer-term goals, group associations, friendships, educational situation, and communication projects. Your personal attraction is strong. Conversations with friends can be inspiring and stimulating. There may be opportunities to meet someone special through groups, acquaintances, and networking.


21 March — 19 April

You’re feeling especially optimistic about your work this month, and you’re being received in a wonderfully charming light. It’s easy to rally up support now. Career-wise your power to attract attention boosts your position amongst the favoured but beware competition can be stiff. Any crisis occurring in your work at this time is simply clearing the way towards better work conditions.


20 April — 20 May

You’ve likely been focused on your career and life path, but in August focus could shift to your hopes and dreams, your friends, and pursuing causes. You’ll have more energy and drive for your hobbies and just having more of a good time, wanting to get out more with people instead of staying at home. You may want to try new things and explore in a less serious, more curious way.


21 May — 20 June

Financial matters seem very promising this month, but  be careful that you don’t overdo spending or purchase large ticket items that you are likely to regret later. The job front will be successful and you may hear news you’ve been waiting to hear. You will be the most charming this month and let the positive energy keep flowing. Close relationships will benefit greatly.


21 June — 22 July

You can be looking at money matters from a new and helpful perspective and motivation to turn over a new leaf regarding finances and relationship expectations can be strong.  Turn your attention to things you already have and think about how you can rework or recycle them for best results. All-new endeavours look very appealing, it’s better to finish what you started before moving on.