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20 January — 18 February

Your competitive, enterprising nature comes to the fore, and you readily throw yourself into pursuing your goals. This can be a time of increased activity in your career, and you may also feel a strong desire to take the lead and act independently. Willingness to take emotional risks in the second half of the month can bring interesting experiences into your world.




19 February — 20 March

This is a time when you can be brave. You are exuding much charm and positive energy that won’t go unnoticed. Communications of all kinds are emphasised, but especially those involving creative contacts, children, and romantic interests and they are generally favourable. You’re mentally wired, and you want to put ideas into action. You’re more conscientious as a result and take pride in solving problems, acquiring or honing skills, and taking care of business.




21 March — 19 April

This month, you get a big taste of positive energy. It is particularly strong for useful advice and the power of teaming up and combining your talents with someone. You might find yourself drawn to push the usual boundaries, which can be profound in healthy ways, but could lead you down the wrong path if you’re not mindful of your limits. 




20 April — 20 May

This is a good time for reaching out to others, sharing ideas, writing, and scoping out various prospects and ideas. Your ideas or work may gain some recognition now. Putting your feelers out makes a lot of sense this month. There could also be a major revelation about your finances, a love relationship, or friendship. You’re likely to feel more in your element on a romantic level.




21 May — 20 June

The biggest area of passion and possible upheaval this month is likely to involve your private world, family life, and home matters. You’re ambitious about these things now, desiring to make deep changes that will last. Someone who’s in the position to help further your goals, promote you, or help you find a direction can take special interest in you. Express your faith in yourself now for best results. 




21 June — 22 July

This is a great month for picking up new practical skills, finding new work, or throwing more of yourself into your current job. It’s also a fine time for improving your daily habits and health. As confident and energetic as you feel, however, avoid taking on too many new projects, as you’re likely to feel their weight in the last week of the month.




23 July — 22 August

It’s an inventive and creative time but you might also feel like a whirlwind.  There can be a significant realisation of responsibility, or a sense of joy in committing to someone or something. The last week of the month is particularly strong for ideas and plans surrounding work and health. You get along well with the people with whom you share your day.




23 August — 22 September

You might thoroughly enjoy the work you do or the services you provide. There can be increased respect for your work and efforts. Career matters fly along rather smoothly. Ambitions to improve your standing, security, and comfort levels are increasing. You might find that you achieve the most or are the most motivated through your involvement with a group or team.




22 September — 23 October 

You may find yourself in the position to defend your values, possessions, or money.  This energy might also translate in more positive terms – you could be working exceptionally hard at making your life better. This period can bring surprising, revealing, or startling feelings to the surface or events to your life. There could be a sudden decision to break out on your own, or into a new relationship.




22 September — 23 October 

This is a potentially active relationship month. You’re very focused on connecting on all sorts of levels and quite successful at it. You’re also quite willing to take care of others. Shared finances can become tricky to handle so do what you can to straighten out debt, as well as ownership and joint money matters in a logical way. This can be a passionate, revealing time.




22 November — 21 December

You can be very contemplative this month. You’ll benefit greatly from actively seeking out ways to heal and de-stress. There can be a significant realisation of responsibility, or a sense of joy in committing to someone or something. You might gain insight into an old issue, and this pushes you forward. New opportunities can emerge that turn your attention behind the scenes.




22 December — 19 January

You’re in a period of reflection and preparation, so take things as slowly as you can. Sacrifices may need to be made when it comes to your relationships – you are required to be sympathetic and helpful now. Acknowledging and resolving problems with family or people you live with can be in focus. Look for the root of issues instead of seeking out cosmetic fixes.


Words: Manish Kumar Arora