Horoscopes | February 2020

Aquarius | 20 January – 18 February

This will be a lucky time where opportunity is concerned. There could be surprises or unexpected elevations in work that may change your financial situation with some speed. You will simply have the fruit of your efforts in the long term if you persist until all is done. Creative projects may receive a boost with a renewal of energy. Leisure pastimes may flourish and leave you feeling renewed.

Pisces | 19 February – 20 March

This month will be filled with action and new beginnings. Be dynamic! Take new directions with vigour. You may take a new path or hit a new level of operation. New vistas could open before you or new horizons may beckon. This is a better time for romantic adventures to prosper. Make sure you know and understand what you’re getting into, for not everything that beguiles you will turn out to be what it seems.

Aries | 21 March – 19 April

This is a time to open to wider horizons and to study or learn whatever it is you need to set you on the upward road. This period will bring growth, expansion and opportunity for those prepared to take the adventurous course. This is a time in which love must take up the mantle of responsibility and you will have the benefit of a friend and true romance of your mate.

Taurus | 20 April – 20 May

There are opportunities aplenty as long as your conduct is impeccable. New friends and connections will bring new ideas. New ideas or aspirations will illuminate and uplift you. Success among your peers or in the wider cosmos will come for some.  Be guided by the highest ideals. You will flourish in friendship and personal success if you do. Women may feature strongly in the home or your emotional life.

Gemini | 21 May – 20 June

You may find that people from past contacts come back into your life unexpectedly. In some instances, they will bring outstanding baggage. There may be unexpected travel while for others travel arrangements could be subject to delay or change. The radical change will take you in mid-stride while others will consciously decide upon change in accordance with urges from within. Relationships may be influenced by money matters.

Cancer | 21 June – 22 July

This could be an unsettled time, with a lot of restlessness in the air. You can forge ahead from here if you’re prepared to set out on a new or different course. Some may take up the cudgel and get involved in the wider community, striking blows for new practices and ideas. Others may conceive a new and fascinating purpose that marks a turning point.

Leo | 23 July – 22 August

If you take things carefully and get the details right, you’ll progress by degrees toward your goals. You may have to watch fatigue or tiredness this month. Your powers of endurance are good, but you may find that too much outward activity or involvement without a break to refresh and recuperate will take you to the limit. You would be ill-advised to rush into things or push ahead.

Virgo | 23 August – 22 September

It’s a time of new ideas, new ways of doing and seeing things and a revised perspective on your relationship with the wider community. There can be new creative or spiritual influences that play a part in this, but there can also be losses, sorrows and change on a scale that you simply must learn to accept. The trick will be to seize the opportunity and the money will come further down the track.

Libra | 23 September – 22 October

If you’re in for the long haul and set something important and meaningful in motion, you’ll be richly rewarded in time. Romance, creativity, leisure activity and children will be preferred options or points of impact. If you’re in a relationship, do something that adds texture or interest to your lives. Recreational activities, creative endeavours or gatherings with friends can enhance your quality of life. Intuitive responses will be rewarding.

Scorpio | 23 October – 21 November

This period can be a journey where you have to face fears or break past patterns. Use your dreams to seek guidance or advice about the best course of action or the right decision. You may need to take a new level of authority in what you do. Set a new pattern that marks a clear break from the problems or troubles of the past.

Sagittarius | 22 November -21 December

You may need to look at shared goals or interests with your nearest and dearest. There could be a feeling of wellbeing as you work towards a common purpose. There will be intensity and stress, but many of you will find that extraordinary new possibilities or dimensions will emerge as a consequence of a new sense of destiny. This is not a time for rash decisions, especially where money is concerned.

Capricorn | 22 December – 19 January

This month will activate your house of creativity, urging a cycle of change in the way you live your life. New and interesting projects or social activities will be on the cards for some. Investment or speculative endeavours may be the call for others. Someone new or different may be woven into the pattern of your life so fast that you won’t have time to catch your breath.

Words & Inspiration — Manish Kumar Arora: manish@manishastrologer.com