Delilah and Tululah. © Peter Zelewski
Delilah and Tululah. © Peter Zelewski

Horoscopes | Gemini

Is this a month in which you rediscover your roots? How about working on loving yourself from the bottom up? Are you becoming more goal-oriented and less free-wheeling? Find out more in this month’s reading.

Gemini  | 21 May – 20 June

It’s a time of more spontaneous expression. It is a month in which you rediscover your roots and work on loving yourself from the bottom up. You are becoming more goal-oriented, less free-wheeling, and certainly more concerned about preparing for your future. You are also beginning a long and rewarding process of increased learning, studying, and expanding your skills set. You also take more pleasure in nurturing others.


Cancer | 21 June – 22 July

This is a time when you invest in yourself and in the people around you that you respect. Benefits may not be immediate, but they will surely arrive down the road. Relationships are improved as you feel stronger and more comfortable in your own skin. An increased sense of security and safety may be derived from your domestic life. Improvements to your home life, family and basic psychological foundation are in focus.


Leo | 23 July – 22 August

You are a little less conservative and more positive and hopeful when it comes to your attitude towards money. Money is often spent on building your nest and your sense of security this month. Some of you may be more willing to take risks with personal finances. Some of your past efforts may be rewarded now, perhaps in small but tangible ways. You will experience love and have amazing relationships in this period.


Virgo | 23 August – 22 September

You are also beginning a long and rewarding process of increased learning, studying, and expanding your skills set. The month is bound to bring pleasure, bounty, and expansion on the domestic scene. It is a period in which you rediscover your roots. You’ll have big chances of meeting the person of your dreams. If you have already met him/her, the month promises understanding and shared accomplishments.


Libra | 23 September – 22 October

Your personal philosophy will be changing, and this month gives you a push towards adopting beliefs that truly work for you in the real world. There may also be some sort of drama surrounding communication, modes of transportation, mobility, neighbours, or siblings. Projects begun now can have long-term benefits. Finances are likely to be quite strong and reliable now. You may also attract unusual romantic partners during this cycle.


Scorpio | 23 October – 21 November

Long-term goals for personal fulfilment come into focus and give you a sense of moving forward in a positive direction. Some added responsibilities are likely and you will find satisfaction in doing your share. You should begin to find ways to bring definition and articulation to your innermost wishes and hopes for your personal path. It’s a time of more spontaneous expression. Casual love affairs that have grown stale may be left behind now.

Sagittarius | 22 November -21 December

Your long-term personal goals come under scrutiny. How you fit in with others, your affiliations with people and groups, and your peers all become serious matters in your eyes. Career matters come to a head. You’re called to perform, perhaps on a moment’s notice, and it’s best to keep your cool and do whatever you can to show your competence. You are learning to let go of ego attachments.


Capricorn | 22 December – 19 January

You are more inclined towards financial speculation this month, but should watch for overdoing it. Your self-image is being reworked, and you are becoming more sensitive to a greater, perhaps more spiritual, sense of purpose You are likely to see benefits to home, family, property, and domestic comfort matters. Much joy and fulfilment may be found in your family and your home life during this cycle.


Aquarius | 20 January – 18 February

It’s a time to pursue the dreams, ideals, and ideas you have put on the back burner. Take creative risks, as well as personal ones, with your newfound confidence. There are likely to be some tests and challenges brought to your friendships and more casual relationships as you are weeding out all that is superficial. Already committed ones will be spicing up a current relationship.


Pisces | 19 February – 20 March

You’ll have a lot of responsibilities, you’ll possibly need to catch up with something or get really involved in serious matters that require organisation, strategy and patience. The need to take a work-related decision seems inevitable. You’ll have the clearness and the necessary details to make a good decision. This period will enhance creativity and inspire your desire to act, paint, dance or pursue something that is personally meaningful to you.


Aries | 21 March – 19 April

This is a new era for you and you couldn’t be happier. You are due to gain recognition in your professional life, and sexual and romantic satisfaction will follow close behind. Your public image and professional affairs will demand extra time and responsibilities but the rewards that follow will be worth it. You are learning about your need for self-expression through adventure.


Taurus | 20 April – 20 May

This is a time when you free yourself of personal inhibitions that may have been part of your life in the past. You will find this to be an action packed month and there will be celebrations and other adventures on your personal agenda during this fantastic month for sex and love. Love will make you smile and there will be talk of moving in with someone special.