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Horoscopes | March 2019

Pisces 19 February — 20 March

You are ready to set out on a new course, start a new line of professional development or take up a new cycle of responsibilities. The period would be bringing contacts and associations to develop your career aspirations. Friends, groups and new connections or ideas will give you the lift you need. Outdoors activities appeal more than ever, and an opportunity to travel somewhere exotic could drop into your lap.


Aries 21 March — 19 April

You can pursue an opportunity for expansion, have a new experience, learn something new, teach, speak, or write. Your outlook can be very positive, and you can create new opportunities for yourself by being optimistic and taking a chance on yourself. You can make progress with one of your dreams for your future if you’ve been doing things right, or you can experience a setback or delay if you need to make adjustments.


Taurus 20 April — 20 May

You can feel best when you’re using your mind and letting your ideas flow naturally. You can be more engaging with others, and enjoy company for the mental stimulation. You may feel a little scattered at times, so try to keep track of your ideas. You can be more supportive of the people you care about, or can get support from others.


Gemini 21 May — 20 June

You can also pursue opportunities to improve your finances, and you can take up a second job, side gig, or turn a hobby into something profitable. It can be a good time to plan ahead and make sure you’re on the right track financially. You can be open to the other ways in which people live, fascinated by other cultures, and attracted to foreign lifestyles.


Cancer 21 June — 22 July

You are enthusiastic and positive about new beginnings, and want to begin anew in many areas. You may throw yourselves into new ventures with zeal, though you may have a hard time sticking to anything for very long. You could decide to cut someone out of your life or end a relationship. Another relationship could go to the next level and you become more committed.


Leo 23 July — 22 August

This is a good time to accomplish something and tackle goals, though it may be at the expense of everything else in your life. You will set goals for yourself and work hard at achieving them, and you’re willing to make any sacrifices that are needed. You could end a transformation you’ve been working on, or see something figuratively die in your life.


Virgo 23 August — 22 September

You want to engage in many conversations about anything and everything, swap information with people, and gossip. You come across as more sociable, scatterbrained, and anxious. You feel most like yourself when you’re getting attention and affection. You want the people around you to dote on you and make you the centre of attention. If single, you could meet someone through a sibling, neighbour, or who lives in your community.


Libra 22 September — 23 October

You could  have the chance to reconnect with an older lover, settle an old issue with inheritance money, tax money, debts, loans, or joint finances, or reconnect with an old business partner. Your loved ones may seem more emotional to you, especially your children, or you’re more emotionally drawn to the arts. You’ll need to find a creative way to express your emotions.


Scorpio 23 October – 21 November

You are more determined to achieve your personal goals, and more strategic in the manner you go about doing so. Your personal belief system is transforming dramatically, and you are learning from a broader set of people and experiences than you ever have. Confidence is the key–faith in the universe and in your ability to do the right thing instinctually will get you everywhere now.


Sagittarius 22 November — 21 December

Your worldly goals may be watered down during this cycle, as you focus more on personal affairs. Happiness and fulfilment through the expansion of your mind, widening your social circle, travel, and connections to people of a different cultural background than you is indicated. Your idealistic nature is stimulated, and you are likely to yearn for a connection to more spiritual or  pursuits.


Capricorn 22 December — 19 January

The learning of new skills, the pursuit of new ventures and the alteration of daily routines in work and health will contribute. Some of you begin a romance, one that will take real effort or bring responsibilities. For those in a relationship, it’s time to reshape your lifestyle and your operations together to give your love or life a new form or direction.


Aquarius 20 January — 18 February

The tiredness or changing interests or aspirations may bring you to a place you did not actually expect to arrive at. Money will be the concern for some and you may put other interests aside to pursue financial stability or gain. The issue now is to take the threads of what you have and weave a lifestyle that suits, whether you’re independent or with a partner.