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Horoscopes | October 2018

Libra | 23 September–22 October

You may come across as more of a perfectionist, organised and anxious. You would work quickly, efficiently, and you won’t stop until you get everything done. You would be good with the details, and can gather the facts you need. You can also feel stronger and more vital, and decide to try to improve your health through diet, exercise, or some other lifestyle changes.


Scorpio | 23 October–21 November

You’re driven to pursue your dreams. You want to get closer to attaining them and can accomplish one of them during this time. You’re more open to things that are unusual, unconventional, innovative, inventive, and futuristic, and want to push the envelope. You have more mental energy than physical energy and can do a lot of investigating into subjects before pursuing any of them.


Sagittarius | 22 November-21 December

This isn’t a period to focus on the seriousness of life; it’s a time to joke about its kookiness and relish in its joy.You’re extremely optimistic and positive about life, feeling everything is going great. You want to expand your consciousness, and spending time learning something new, studying a philosophy or culture, or jet-setting to some foreign land.


Capricorn | 22 December–19 January

You’ll feel more ambitious, hard-working, and focused on success. You may seem more distant emotionally, too concerned with your goals and with where you want to be in your life. You have an easier time with travel, legal dealings, writing, and learning. You’ll have more passion for your dreams, and more focused on the future and may have a harder time living in the present.


Aquarius | 20 January–18 February

You have a harder time until 17 October dealing with mental tasks with a group of people or by yourself, and work better when you have one partner. From the seventeenth it is a good time to talk about your relationship with someone, or to form a new business partnership. You will have an easier time dealing with your loved ones than usual.


Pisces | 19 February-20 March

You’re interested in many things presently, more curious than usual, and want to learn more about them. You may not stick with anything for very long though, so you will pick up lots of new, random bits of information, but don’t become a master at anything. You can be more outgoing, wanting to be more socially engaged and need a busier schedule.


Aries | 21 March–19 April

You may come across as more proud, warm, and friendly. Your creative self can come out, and you let your artistic side shine. There are no fences that can hold you in and no limit to how high you can fly.  If you’re single, you can meet more people who pique your interest. If in a relationship, you can try to bring romance back into it.


Taurus | 20 April–20 May

You’re more defensive of your beliefs, and if you feel threatened, you’ll defend them strongly. You can question your dreams for your future, and feel that they’re too unrealistic and out of reach, but this may not be a good time to make any final decisions about what you should do. You can let your emotions run more freely and give your head a break.


Gemini | 21 May–20 June

You embrace what it is that makes you who you are, and want to be a unique, independent person. You can be more dramatic with your emotional displays, requiring more attention when you’re feeling insecure. You can finish a creative project, take a love relationship to the next level, or stop seeing someone entirely if you don’t feel it’s working out.


Cancer | 21 June-22 July

You will come up with big ideas of what you want to do with your life. You can see the big picture more clearly, but the details are a little fuzzy. You can take an interest in something and want to study it further, You can become more interested in other cultures, and try to learn about other ways of living.


Leo | 23 July-22 August

This is a good time for going back to a career you used to work in. You can feel like your life isn’t expanding the way that you want it to and this frustrates you. You’re stuck in the dark, dwelling on the issues that hold you back.  You can experience power struggles with someone, especially over money, and have issues with other people’s money.


Virgo | 23 August–22 September

Your mind would be active and sharp and you come up with lots of new ideas. This is a good time for any mental work that needs to be done, though you’re not good at sticking with any project for very long right now. Smaller projects will get done quickly. You would be more loud and boisterous and more social and engaging with others.


Manish Kumar Arora