Horoscopes | September 2020

23 August – 22 September

The is a great time for education and learning, and for using your communication skills to get ahead..Your finances are looking up, and you are feeling more positive and idealistic. You shall have a very active life with home, family and career all demanding your time and attention. It might also be a good time to move ahead with some of those major home projects you’ve been planning.

23 September – 22 October

There would be hard work all around, but it’s your chance to be in the front lines where you can show yourself off. Financial issues can depend upon your creative handling of them. There may be some opportunities coming to you through friends. Take a good vacation as the month comes to a close and don’t take any chances with your finances then because they are subject to radical and sudden changes.

23 October – 21 November

Your earning capability is at a high this month. There may also be a need to barter or work with someone to balance finances. Your intuition, especially relative to career matters, is high. It finds you beginning to focus on a special relationship in earnest; it will either be very romantic or very combative. Either way, keep your feet on the ground, you may be beyond your depth here.

22 November -21 December

This is a good time for travel and also for putting time into either working at home or home projects. The month will be a good time for you to fall back on your natural diplomacy to bring about peaceful agreements and come out on top. Your ability to concentrate on the softer side of life will be somewhat diminished. You can keep your sympathies supple through all upheavals by lavishing attention on yourself.

22 December – 19 January

You will need to make some financial decisions, but you have to make them on instinct because you will not have all the pieces. This is an excellent month for social activities with friends or lovers. It may be your time to shine. Friendships and romance will feature. For the singles, there may be a new liaison. For those in a relationship, add a touch of style or diversity to social life.

20 January – 18 February

Now is the time to reap the rewards for something accomplished. In the second half you will be dealing with relationships, and the focus is on freedom for you. Make sure your partner knows you need to shine now. You’ll be willing to clean up your act and go out of your way to prove how honourable your intentions are just to ensure that you end up with the pleasure of their long-term company.

19 February – 20 March

This is a time of change and growth. It is a time, for you to focus your energy on yourself. Your primary focus remains your day- to-day work, and perhaps health or healing issues may be illuminated this month. A clandestine relationship or activity may attract you. You will adjust to changes your partner or spouse is going through. You might achieve especially good results in meditation or charity during this month as well.

21 March – 19 April

This month is wonderful for your creativity and you find yourself doing a lot of behind the scenes work. Money tends to fluctuate, so follow a budget. Overall though, the financial tendency should be towards increase. You’re getting along well with your partner, and in fact, they are a big help in the moment. Friendships are changing and new friends can bring new opportunities for travel and social experiences.

20 April – 20 May

You will find substantial new territories to explore. Your competitors don’t stand much of a chance unless you let yourself get too distracted by the sheer volume of opportunities to pick a few and focus on them. Money should be improving this month. Work carefully to keep your relationship in balance. You should keep an eye on your pocket book though, because expenses at home may be more than you expect.

21 May – 20 June

You are undergoing many personal transformations during this month. Home, career, relationships, all seem to be going well and moving along at a fast pace. Your personal skills receive recognition. There can be great benefit in new financial opportunities that come your way. A soulmate helps you to make a decision that may be life-altering. Month-end travel or expanding your social activities is on the cards.

21 June – 22 July

It is a good time to share your dreams and to make plans together with your partner for the future. Your relationship with partner is likely to be stable, but may be a drag,so plan some upscale entertainment. Your communication abilities are at a peak and will help you to get to the next step at work. Competition is high, but you come out on top if you are patient.

23 July – 22 August

There may be new activities or projects that take your interest. You may meet vivid or communicative people. You’ll sense the opportunity to deepen a friendship or reignite a relationship. Pay attention to the clues that indicate your partner is ready to take your connection to a more intense level. You would be involved in family matters, either yours or your mate’s, and you will be required to make some decisions.