Horoscopes – Virgo


23 August — 22 September

You can feel quite energised, and the trick will be to manage it or channel it effectively, as self-discipline may not match. You will need to overcome the tendency to daydream and feel overwhelmed and to put your compassion and wisdom to practical use for humanity. There can be an opportunity to enjoy yourself, an invitation, or simply a very pleasant, playful mood now.



23 September — 23 October 

You can go at mental tasks, interests, and projects with enthusiasm. You might experience a stronger desire to communicate, connect, and learn. Your curiosity can be stimulated in a most pleasant way. There is some tendency to act on whims or to entertain unusual desires now. Group activities and cooperative efforts are in focus. Inspiring others, possibly through preaching or teaching, may be part of your life’s destiny.



23 October — 21 November 

Your focus may be on your close relationships, examining them and seeing what’s working and what isn’t. You may feel more like yourself when you’re with someone one-on-one rather than with a bunch of people or alone. Your senses become a main focus, and you want to experience the world and life in a physical, tangible way. Touch, taste, smell, and hearing, and matters related to the senses, are prominent.



22 November — 21 December

You need to strip down to your soul, get real with yourself, and work hard to transform yourself for the better. Commitment must be made stronger, and those who go through relationships without any cares will have to care. You should emerge from this period with a stronger sense of what you want from your loved ones, and stronger relationships with those that stick around.



22 December — 19 January

Your mind is sharper and quicker, and you come up with wilder ideas than usual. You think best in a group with other people to bounce ideas off of. If you’re dating someone, the relationship could be brought to another level, or could end. If you meet someone new, it could feel karmic. If you’re creative, you could feel more inspired by your emotions. 



20 January — 18 February

You feel most like yourself when you’re broadening your horizons and expanding your view of the world. You don’t want to be in a box and want to explore. You may feel more adventurous, optimistic, and enthusiastic. You could get a new opportunity to further your career, or get recognition for work that you’ve done. You may decide to start a new path for your life and take things in a new direction.



19 February — 20 March

You may feel more drained being around people, and need more time alone to recharge. You’d rather be in the background than in the spotlight, and put more focus towards your dreams and intuition. You may feel temporarily more down than usual, with the seriousness of life getting to you and making you more pessimistic. A transformation you’ve been working on could end, or a partnership agreement is terminated.



21 March — 19 April

You seem to have energy to spare, largely due to enthusiasm about what you can accomplish now and down the road. Plans seem to be coming together, or this feels imminent. A special someone is likely to see eye-to-eye with you on career or life-path goals now as ideas to advance can be strong now, particularly when you and someone you care about put your heads together. 



20 April — 20 May

This period signals a need to pull yourself out of overly competitive or demanding situations so that you can better attend to your inner world. Spiritual matters assume a little more importance to you, or you feel the need to get into touch with your deeper feelings on a matter. You also feel the need to develop the caring and sensitive side of your nature for the good of others.



21 May — 20 June

You’re beginning to focus on layers of meaning and understanding. A connection with someone can deepen. You may focus on relationships, and finding balance, peace, and harmony in your personal environment under this influence. You can be self-assertive without coming across gratingly, and you may be in the position to lead others or to take the lead in a relationship. A stronger feeling of purpose can energise you. 



21 June — 22 July

You are more inclined to get moving, take action, and handle problem areas now than usual. You may be bringing out your more active, initiating qualities now, and encouraging you to go after what you want. There could be rebellious feelings too. Personal and professional goals gain momentum, and you feel quite positive about what you can accomplish going forward.



23 July — 22 August

This period energises you in the right direction, towards things that are good for you. You tend to naturally gravitate towards the right path, tools, people, or resources to accomplish something special, and you are in the position to make plans for your future. This month also stimulates your sense of joy that goes along with attending to your health, work, or routines.