How To Be Productive While Working From Home

Due to the current situation regarding Covid-19, many companies and businesses have made it a regulation for their employees to work from home. Here’s how to be productive during that time.


  1. Make a dedicated work space in your home

For an optimal work space environment, your home office would be a room with a door. Completing your work in a closed off area provides a way for you to physically and mentally close up shop each day, but of course for some people this is not applicable.


If you don’t have a spare room to work in, a corner in your dining room, living room, or even your bedroom can work too. It can be difficult working and living in the same area, so to make your work life doesn’t spill in with your home life, do as much as you can to separate that space.


Working from an unfamiliar desk can throw off your groove, so try replicating your office desk’s setup at home. If you have your computer in the centre of the desk, a pen holder to the right and a paper holder on the left, then try to replicate that on your desk at home. A familiar desk setup is likely to make you more comfortable and motivated to work from home.


  1. Follow the same work routine, but do it at home

If you’re working from home, the temptation to sit in bed all day in your pyjamas and snacking on treats from the fridge is all too easy to do. In order to overcome the impulse to ‘chill out’, create a daily routine and stick to it.


In the morning, shower and get dressed as you would for work (although of course you can switch out the suit for a more laid back approach). It also helps to block out time each day for focused work, as well as for lunch and short breaks.


  1. Take advantage of online communication resources

If you’re working from home you will no doubt need to communicate with your work colleagues and/or clients. Since you’re social distancing it’s not on the cards to have meetings with people, so take advantage of internet communication!


Utilising Email, LinkedIn, Skype, or any other communication hub regularly is highly beneficial to your productivity – being able to contact your colleagues allows you to stay on track with your work whilst also keeping your communication levels up.


  1. Make time for movement

If you often go for a short walk in your lunch break at the office, do that at home as well. Even if you walk to the end of the street or around the block, a bit of exercise is beneficial to your mood and your productivity.


Go for a walk or even take 10 minutes to do some simple stretches – anything helps. With a bit of movement, you will come back to your desk at home refreshed, and ready to work some more.


Words: Nadia Klaassen