How to Build your Little Black Book – Tips for Networking | Prospa

Juggling multiple responsibilities is a challenge for any entrepreneur.


While it may come with the territory, Prospa’s survey of small business owners found that half of women (50%) admit to struggling with an aspect of business management, compared to only a third of men (33%).


This says a lot about the expectations we women place on ourselves. We tell ourselves that we can, and must, do everything. But sometimes the smart thing is to ask for help – and building a strong business network can be a great place to start.


Consider the current support you have and identify the gaps.


Explore your existing contacts or seek out knowledge experts who can offer advice on things like growing your social media presence or people management. Find a mentor who can offer some lessons from their own experience or grab coffee with someone that will challenge your perspective.


There’s also an ever-growing number of female-focused conferences that can connect you with industry peers, keep you up-to-date with the latest trends and help you discover new and efficient ways of doing business.


You’re likely time-poor, but the right event is worth it. Connecting with likeminded women, sharing learnings, struggles, and triumphs can help support, empower and motivate you to try something new for your own business. Nerves are normal, but if they’re stopping you from attending, take a friend. They’ll thank you later.


If formal conferences just aren’t for you, there’s plenty of casual meet-ups in your community – many specifically for females in business. Take a look at your local Chamber of Commerce, or websites like Meetup.com and Business Networking NZ. Online groups are also an easy way to test the waters.


You’ll likely find something that piques your interest, and if not, here’s a crazy idea – host your own!


Adrienne Church is General Manager, New Zealand at Prospa, the small business lending specialist.


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