“I have nothing but GREAT things to say about Squirrel Money”

So Verve are talking real estate this month. But rather than focusing on getting into your new home, let’s talk about the fun stuff – what happens afterwards – or, more importantly, what would you like to happen.


Let’s set the scene

When you look around a potential home, your mind goes into overdrive – what if we moved this wall, updated the kitchen, ripped up that questionably stained bathroom linoleum and replaced it with black and white vintage tiling? Can this really be your forever home?


Then you finally get the keys, get the furniture in and want to get started on the renovations that will turn your vision into reality – but oh wait, you’ve spent all the money on the deposit and don’t want to be irresponsible by borrowing more money when you’ve already got a sizeable mortgage to manage.


It’s a familiar scenario and you’re not alone!


Here’s where Squirrel Money can help


You might know Squirrel as a mortgage broker, but once you get into your new home, there’s still a whole lot more we can do for you as a homeowner. And we’ve got plenty of happy clients to testify to it.


Squirrel just launched a new product called the Homeowners Loan and we believe it’s a New Zealand first. It’s a loan designed especially for you, and is truly revolutionary when you compare it to any other loans products out there.


So what’s so great about it?

  • The Squirrel Money Homeowners Loan allows you to borrow up to $70,000 for home renovations using your home as security, without having to talk to the bank.
  • Your first year of payments are interest only at 7.95%p.a. That’s right, no principal to pay for a whole year.
  • We can then pop the remainder of your loan on your mortgage, or you can choose to roll it into a 5 year term at 9.95%p.a.
  • There’s no establishment fee to pay, no hidden costs and no early repayment penalties.
  • Apply for and manage your loan entirely online. No need for meetings, wagging fingers or lengthy documents.


What is the Homeowners Loan not about?

This is a loan that is not about getting you into unmanageable debt or leaving you feeling the dreaded buyer’s remorse that we’re all familiar with. Squirrel Money are not loan sharks and we’re all about responsible lending for those that can afford it. We want to offer you a product that’s fair, transparent and truly exceptional (if we do say so ourselves).


Don’t take our word for it

“Sick of banks, high interest, process and being grilled over your entire financial history? Then Squirrel is for you. I have dealt with banks for so long and got sick of all their high interest rates and high establishment fees. I thought I would give Squirrel a go not expecting any different. I could not have been more wrong and more surprised! Not only was the whole online application easy and super simple, but the time taken to come back with approval was outstanding! They offer an unmatched interest rate that banks could only dream of and they don’t make you feel like the banks do when they question you about every financial decision you make. If Squirrel became a bank, sign me up!” — G. Neuendorf, Squirrel Money member


So if you’ve got a vision for your home that you’re keen to make a reality, Squirrel Money can help.


Find out more online at squirrelmoney.co.nz and use promo code “VERVE” to skip the queue.


Lending criteria, terms and conditions apply. Default costs may be recovered. If you choose not to bundle the loan into your mortgage after one year the loan gets automatically put onto a five-year term at an interest rate of 9.95%p.a.