Ideas for a Winter Weekend in Auckland

Just when we think the weather has turned around and summer is finally on its way, it doubles back on itself and we’re back to what we’re used to: being caught halfway between home and the bus stop in torrential rain. But the truth is, miserable weather doesn’t have to make you miserable. To help you make the most of these dark and cold days, we have compiled a list of cosy ideas for a winter weekend. Scrolling through the disappointingly limited choices on Netflix doesn’t have to be your only option; tick a few of these off and you’ll be willing summer to stay away!


Stay in bed late

Nothing is more of a treat than being able to sleep in, so enjoy listening to the rain wreak havoc outside while you are snuggled up in bed all morning.


Good book

Transport yourself somewhere much warmer and sunnier by getting immersed in a new book. Here are our picks for some fabulous books this month.


At-home yoga

Rid your body of those winter toxins with a relaxing yoga workout. There are plenty of videos on YouTube for people of all levels; all you need is a little bit of space and a clear mind.

Try this link to get started.



Auckland has so many fabulous op-shopping opportunities, so grab a friend and go and hunt out some preloved treasures. K Road has so many stores for this purpose, and try Junk & Disorderly for some beautiful vintage homewares.




Take the dog for a walk

Even if the weather is questionable, your furry friends still need to stretch their legs. Rug up warmly, grab a sturdy umbrella and hit the park. You will be repaid in endless wagging tails, smiling faces and doggy kisses.


Plan your summer holiday

Defy the darkness of winter by getting lost in website after website of Fijian resorts, Balinese day spas and Hawaiian surfing classes. Sometimes a light at the end of the tunnel is all it takes to get through winter unharmed.


Cosy café date

Go and enjoy the comfort of one of Auckland’s snug cafés with a friend. Verve has some amazing ‘hole in the wall’ cafés in our magazine; you can check our latest favourites out here!




DIY spa treatment

Give yourself a skin cleanse using natural ingredients to create your own beauty products. After experiencing the DIY treatment, you will never feel the need to pay again!

Here are some amazing facial recipes from NZ Avocados to give you some inspiration.


Make your next playlist

Lose yourself in some music and make a new playlist for your next dinner party. Minutes turn quickly into hours when exploring new music, so it can be such a fun and relaxing way to spend a day!


Cream tea

How do the British cope with so many rainy days? With a nice pot of tea, of course! Invite a few friends over and whip up a beautiful tray of cream tea with all the classic components of tea, scones, cream and jam.


Barre class

Find a friend/daughter/aunty and give yourself a wonderful workout at a Barre Class. It’s so much fun that you don’t even feel like you are exercising! Studio 3 offers fantastic classes.


Cook up a storm

Make the most of the time you have being cooped up inside by getting experimental in the kitchen. Try out those recipes you have had bookmarked for months and give yourself a long-awaited cheat day.


Mulled wine

This winter treat is so delicious and warming, and is the perfect way to end a cold and miserable day. The spicy and fruity tastes will have you dreaming of a white Christmas.

Countdown has a great recipe to get you started.




Spontaneous dance party

Even in Auckland, it’s sometimes hard to keep the house warm. If you’re constantly struggling to stay toasty indoors, maybe it’s time to change your approach. Instead of wasting more and more power on that lack-lustre heater, try warming yourself up from the inside. Put on some music and dance like there is no tomorrow!

This is one of our favourite Spotify playlists for this activity.


Bubble bath

Wind down before bed with a delightful bubble bath. Light some candles, pop in a few yummy-smelling bath bombs, put on some mellow music, and you have yourself exactly the kind of luxury you deserve.