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Most people play it safe when it comes to choosing a colour for their new kitchen, opting for a non-offensive white, or a least going with a neutral palette – and with good reason. Firstly, the kitchen is the dominant space in most open-plan homes, therefore the colour you choose will tend to dictate the scheme for the rest of the living spaces. Secondly, there’s re-sale to consider. Not everyone is going to like a lime green, or a turquoise blue kitchen, and it’s not a cheap fix to repaint it.


Kitchen By Design

However, if you really love a colour, and you’re not intending to move home in the not-too-distant future, why not go for it? You only live once!


When our client said she “quite liked the idea of having a pink kitchen”, our designer took her at her word and delivered a beautifully subtle kitchen design that perfectly fitted her brief.


Interestingly, though, the pink cabinetry is not the dominant surface in this kitchen – the stunning Invisible White Marble is the hero. “I found this particular marble and I really liked it. I then brought down the pink to more of a blush colour that worked really nicely with the marble – and my client loved the combination,” says the designer.


Kitchen By DesignThe soft pink of the cabinetry perfectly compliments the gold and the light grey veining in the marble. And to further enhance relationship between the benchtop and the cabinetry, the negative details are painted in a matching gold colour.


“We also picked up on the black veining in the marble, by introducing some black elements into the kitchen, such as black granite-finish sink and tap, black induction hob, and twin black ovens. The black grounds the kitchen, gives it some strength,” he says.


The other striking detail in this kitchen is the backlit, steel and glass open shelving that weaves its way along the back wall. “My client has a beautiful collection of ceramics that she’s built up over the years, and wanted somewhere to display these pieces.”


In order to allow the shelving to flow freely along the entire wall, there could be no overhead extractor that would get in the way. The designer’s solution was to install a cooktop with a built-in downdraft extractor.


For the splashback, the designer sourced some square tiles that feature a faint grid pattern, in gold, so they marry up perfectly with the gold in the marble and also reference the gold-painted grid pattern of the steel shelving that sits in front of it.


Every last detail has been carefully considered and coordinated in this kitchen. It brighter and functions so much better than its predecessor, and has become a real focal point in our client’s open-plan living space.


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