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Innovative Young People Stephanie Sharp

Innovative Young People – Stephanie Sharp

It’s no secret that young people spend a large amount of time online, and it’s easy to see why. With the growth of social media has also come a new wave of teenage influencers. Stephanie Sharp is one of these influencers, sharing her fashion and beauty secrets with a worldwide audience.

Stephanie is a 22-year-old Auckland woman, who uploads beauty, fashion and lifestyle inspiration to her blog and YouTube channel entitled Always Friday.

“Always Friday started out as a hobby — it was an outlet for my intense love of all things beauty and fashion. I had read blogs and watched Youtube videos for years and that’s how I learnt to put together outfits and do my makeup myself. After a while, I wasn’t content to just sit back and watch. I had started to develop my own opinions and sense of style that I wanted to share with others.”

Always Friday was started in mid-2013 and now has readers from over 200 countries around the world. With a love for travel herself, Stephanie is fortunate enough to have travelled to many of these different countries, which she says has helped influence her personal style, and this is reflected in her blog. Also reflected in her blog, is her support for anything New Zealand made. “I think it’s important to support local talent, which is why I’m always on the lookout for different New Zealand designers to work with.”

If you want to keep up with everything beauty and fashion you can find Stephanie at or Alternatively, if you’re in the fashion industry yourself and would like to work with Always Friday, you can contact Stephanie at