Inspired Favourites at Copia

Meet Copia, the relaxed eatery in Orakei Bay Village serving New Zealand inspired favourites, sustainably.

The lush garden out the back of Copia is as abundant as the restaurant’s name suggests.


Built with a hands-on approach that characterises owners Ken O’Connell and Sam Sykes passion for sustainable business, the garden boasts microgreens, herbs, and edible flowers. Not to mention an incredible seaside view. Plus, 40 years of combined experience in New Zealand and European Hatted and Michelin restaurants allows the owners to create high-end dining straight from their backyard — and only a short distance from yours.


You’ll find Copia nestled down the back of Orakei Bay Village, past Kings Plant Barn. With a sweeping view of Hobson Bay, this relaxed eatery suits a social dinner, seaside lunch, or courtyard cocktails with bar and shared platters.



It’s the kind of place that will garner your interest as well as your taste buds. Ken and Sam claim their intuitive approach to cooking allows them to create quality food that’s as in-tune with the seasons as they are in the kitchen.


The New Zealand inspired menu confirms it. Tantalising options include paua and squid croquettes and barbecue cabbage with horopito spiced minced pork, pear, and black garlic ketchup. Dishes vary according to what’s growing in their self-maintained garden. With a focus on organic, plant-based food, vegetarians will be delighted with shiitake mushroom, walnut and parmesan, roast cauliflower and puree. While carnivores can revel in farm-fed meat cooked in the kitchen’s ceramic barbecue egg.

Copia’s extensive menu evolved after Ken and Sam spent eight years working on and off together with a shared passion for food.


Copia’s authenticity is undeniable. The plants are upcycled, and the owners made the bar showcasing their hand-picked selection of New Zealand wine, craft beers and gin from wood they found lying around Sam’s parent’s place.


Their shared concept of simple sustainability represents a strong desire to work and eat with nature. And their influence is spreading. Copia’s deliveries now come minus packaging after Ken and Sam kept returning plastic wrapping to their supplier. It’s a positive step forward for an industry that’s well known for producing large amounts of waste.  As are the three well-utilised compost bins and the gorgeous greenhouse outback.


Catering to palates as well as ethics, Sam and Ken share a desire for organic growth, all with the kind of easy-going charm that Kiwis are known for.


And with a garden full of edible violas and bigger plans on the horizon, Copia’s bound to bloom this summer.  /  236 Orakei Rd, Remuera  /  09 520 2234  /  /


Words — Danielle Ramaekers  /  Photography — Jeffaloo