Introducing Delux Interiors


When it comes to luxurious furniture ByKepi is destined to become a name on every interior design aficionado’s lips.


The Delux Interiors showroom on Wellesley St in the City (by Elliot Stables) is home to ByKepi luxury furniture and is exclusively represented here by the New Zealand company.


The gallery, located in a historic building on the corner of Wellesley and Elliot Streets, was built in the late 1880s and features ByKepi’s stunning collections in a variety of styles, each with signature elements and a well thought out continuity.


Each collection –  Classic, Art Deco or Contemporary – is represented by custom made bespoke pieces featuring outstanding quality and selection.


Stylish wooden boxes contain a multitude of wood samples in a variety of finishes. These are complemented by a wide variety of sumptuous fabric swatches and metal samples so each piece can be ordered with a customised height, size, colour, wood, fabric, and metal. 



The furniture is handcrafted by ByKepi artisans using carefully selected materials including solid wood and brass, exclusive textiles, genuine leather, and marble. These high-end materials are brought together in designs guaranteed to add sophistication and style to any décor while creating an opulent yet comfortable environment.


The company design with attention to detail that beautifully integrates form and function, which is as clever as it is graceful. For example, the dining chairs feature handholds that only enhance their elegance; a sleek TV unit provides a perfectly stylish solution to camouflage the screen and all of the drawers of the furnishings are luxuriously lined. 


As well as displaying sophisticated and well-designed furnishings, Delux Interiors offer a personalised interior design service to help customers find their unique style.


To indulge in the Delux Interiors showroom experience, it’s best to book a one-on-one consultation. 


Delux Interiors works with interior designers not only on residential properties but also on commercial projects, offering a wide range of exclusive furniture for commercial spaces such as hotels, restaurants, and airports.



Delux Interiors is proud to present Auckland bronze artist Shona Lyon. The Nostalgia Collection is inspired by Shona’s memories of childhood ‘romps’ and depicts ‘parent and child’ in various poses of play.


15-31 Wellesley St, Auckland | 0800 994 930 | deluxinteriors.co.nz | decor@deluxinteriors.co.nz