Introducing New Zealand’s First Baby Spa

Move over mama, there’s a new spa in town with a clientele aged from one-day to one-year. The best news? There are a multitude of wins on offer for Mum and Dad as well.


What is The Baby Spa?

The Baby Spa is a spa salon designed for young babies to have a float and/or swim session, followed by a baby massage.

“Baby spas have been around since the 1950s so, even though it’s new for New Zealand the idea itself is not a new concept,” says John Jensen who, along with his partner Faye, is behind The Baby Spa.



Auckland’s First Baby Spa

“Faye lived in Singapore for 18 years where there are over 250 baby spa’s and she suggested we open one in Auckland,” says John. “I wasn’t sure, but then my daughter—who has a one-year-old—told me a story of being at the park one day when a new mother sat down beside her and burst into tears; that really stirred me.”

John, who has a grown son, daughter and three grandchildren aged under two-and-a-half began to see more and more merit in the idea. “I did some homework and realised there’s really nowhere for new parents to go,” he says. “They can go to the park or a cafe but it’s not really about interacting with their child.”

He also discovered massage and hydrotherapy for babies has a multitude of health benefits as well as providing an interactive bonding experience with baby for mum and dad.


Healthy Beginnings

“That why our tagline is healthy beginnings,” says John. “Infant massage and hydrotherapy is an age-old practice. The first language is touch. In India when a new mother comes home the grandmother will step in and teach her baby massage. It’s an ancient wisdom that’s scientifically proven to have myriad health benefits. There’s evidence it increases bone density, cognitive and motor development in premature babies, and that it impacts the way all babies grow up to think, feel and relate to others. In addition, new findings show learning capacity is up to 15 per cent greater and social skills are up to 25 per cent more developed in babies who have regular massage.”


One-On-One Service

The Baby Spa provides one carer per baby and Mum and/or Dad is present the entire time so they can take time out, interact with their baby and learn how to massage their babies properly.

Alongside traditional hydrotherapy and massage, there is also an immune boost massage, which—for example—may not stop baby getting a cold, but will aid a quicker recovery. And for Mum, there is also laser assisted stretch mark removal therapy.

A trip to The Baby Spa will help all of the family to sleep, well, like a baby. And when it comes to babies and new parenthood you can’t put a price on that.


  • Encourages and develops bonding and interaction
  • Enhances the feeling of being loved, secure, and safe
  • Helps growth and development
  • Improves movement and limb coordination
  • Helps relieve gas, constipation, and colic
  • Strengthens the digestive, respiratory and immune systems
  • Balances the nervous system
  • Strengthens joints and joint movement
  • Promotes relaxation and aids sleep
  • Develops the baby’s body-mind awareness and coordination


Side benefits for parents who massage their baby:
  • Helps postnatal depression
  • Releases their own tensions
  • Increases bonding between parent and baby
  • Gain self-confidence in handling a baby
  • Decreases stress hormones


thebabyspa.co.nz — Shop S264, West City Mall, Henderson
09 600 2160 — info@thebabyspa.co.nz