Introducing St Clements

There’s a new must-visit interiors destination in town. Verve caught up with Jonathon Logan of St Clements.


Walk in the doors of the St Clements furniture showroom and you move into instant relaxation mode. The ambience is a reflection of the laid-back appeal of the linen furnishings and the overall ‘feel’ of the space. It’s light and airy with a touch of the industrial, which sits well alongside the style of St Clements and the siblings who own it, Tia (operations), Jonathon (creative director) and Cameron Logan (director).


Jonathon spent the last five years working in Sydney with MCM House, a contemporary furniture design label that gives a nod to Belgian, French, Italian and Danish influences. It’s a favourite with Sydney interiors aficionados and stylists for its slip-cover luxe, clean lines and muted hues. “The colours are very clever,” says Jonathon, who is a contemporary furniture designer. “They’re soft neutrals that are easy to be around.”


It was while he was Sydney-based that Jonathan recognised the furniture would translate well to Auckland. “Auckland and Sydney are conducive to similar lifestyles and the aesthetic works,” says Jonathon. And with all of the siblings having an interest in design — Tia managed a furniture store in Wellington for three years and has worked in television and Cameron is a film producer — a family holiday in Sydney formed the idea for St Clements. “We’ve always done everything together, there are fireworks sometimes, but we get through it,” says Jonathon.


The trio named the business after a small church in Ahipara in the Far North. “Our grandparents are buried there and it’s where we spent a lot of our childhood,” says Jonathon.


They found the former art gallery in Eden Terrace, shipped in the luxurious linen couches, beds and love seats and balanced them out with a series of black and white photographs, statement lights and rustic tables. The photographs are the Wild Brumbies of Australia by internationally acclaimed fashion photographer Nick Leary and magically capture the beauty and freedom of the horses, the Bright Beads wooden pendant lights are by Sydney designer Coco Reynolds of Marz Design and hang from seven-metre cords singly or in clusters by the beds or over the tables.





“We make the tables with open-grain timber,” says Jonathon. “They come out of the machine sleek and smooth and wire brush grinders are used to speed up the natural cracking process of wood. We finish them with a white wash. They’re not perfect. That would feel too uptight. I think people favour a more relaxed lifestyle these days.”


The overall feeling of St Clements is big and beautiful luxe comfort. “I think post the GFC people are looking for something a little bit more ambitious in scale, a little bit more luxurious,” says Jonathon.


One thing is for sure, the pieces within these walls tick those boxes.



68 France St, Eden Terrace | info@stclements.co.nz | 09 336 1304 | www.stclements.co.nz