What with the near fires disaster last month and the insurance claim procedures, which are very complicated, and the other 101 things to do, I was ready to settle into a quieter month.



No such luck!



A call at 7am from a distressed tenant who had just come downstairs to the living area only to find ankle deep water on the carpet and kitchen tiles and half the kitchen ceiling hanging over the bench. Water was pouring from the opening in the ceiling.



Wow! We turned off the water and called a plumber. It was a pipe going into the hot water cylinder which had come apart and the steamy water was pouring out. Again, insurance, builder, painter, plasterer and organising the carpet to be uplifted, ready for a new one to be laid down.



Then we had to consider the tenants as they obviously could not live there while all this was going on, so accommodation was found for them. Finally, after two weeks, all was sorted and the family back in the house.



But within a few days, another call from a tenant. Another water cylinder leaking — rotting floor, again! Plumber, builder and another insurance claim. This is now being sorted out.



But worse was to come!



Eighteen years in the business and I have never had an issue like this. Maggots coming from the fittings of recessed lights, and falling onto the carpet! Sounds gross, doesn’t it? So I called in the pest control who investigated and their anylsais was that a rodent was somewhere dead in the ceiling. We had previously set traps for them around the perimeter of the house as the tenants had complained of rustling and banging in the ceiling. As there is no manhole in the property, we have to work out how to get into the ceiling. As I write this, we are still investigating.



All these dramatic events and the month is not even over.



But these are the situations property managers must sort out. We are very skilled people, and have to handle any situation that comes our way, professionally and efficiently. Many of our landlords are overseas so we must represent them in any crisis that arises with their properties and tenants. To assure them that their valuable property is in safe and secure hands.



Another week has begun. Hopefully an uneventful one, and a quieter month ahead.



Good Renting,

Sylvia Lund, AREINZ


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