It’s All About Good Lighting | The 13 Lamps to Light Up Your World

Lift your living room to the next level this winter: Try staggering floor and table lamps with shades to diffuse the glow, not to mention pendant lamps, recessed lighting, and sconces. Having different types of sources at varying heights and levels of diffusion will give your rooms depth and dimension. Here are a few examples of stunning designer light fixtures and fittings.

1. Karakter, Mantis BS4 Ceiling Lamp | karakter.co.nz
2. Karakter, Here Comes The Sun | karakter.co.nz
3. Corso De’ Fiori, Gilded Iron Lamp | corso.co.nz
4. Trenzseater, Linden Table Lamp | trenzseater.com
5. Corso De’ Fiori, Oragon Table Lamp | corso.co.nz

6. Trenzseater, Riddle Table Lamp | trenzseater.com
7. Revolve Wall Light, Trenzseater | trenzseater.com
8. Corso De’ Fiori, Gava Round Lamp | corso.co.nz

9. Jeremy Cole | jeremycole.net
10. Jeremy Cole, Multi Bud Light | jeremycole.net
11. Karter, Lampe Gras 207 BL | karakter.co.nz
12. Trenzseater, Berkley Table Lamp | trenzseater.com
13. Jeremy Cole, Cymbidium Floor Light | jeremycole.net