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JazzBay Blueberry Wine is a fruit wine made from blueberries. The orchard is located in the North Hamilton area of New Zealand. This area is developing a reputation for its premium blueberry growing conditions. Here, there are numerous blue life full of natural spirituality—Hamilton is the most famous blueberry plantation in New Zealand, and JazzBay Blueberry Estate is one of the most special ones. The estate’s land pH value is the best for PH5.5 blueberry growing soil. After successive generations of genetic screening and improvement of planting technology, the estate has cultivated three varieties of blueberries that can produce high quality blueberry wine.


There are only 6 varieties of high-quality blueberry wines that can be brewed in the world. JazzBay creates 3 of the 6 varieties. They are Croft, Tif blue and Maru with their ages spanning over more than 45 years. These precious varieties of blueberry are fully fleshed and brewed which produces a mellow flavour. The estate’s blueberry trees are ripe every December and during the harvest season the fruits are hand-picked to ensure the integrity of each fruit.


Jazz bay blueberry wine is fermented by semi-fermentation without aging. The pure fresh fruit is brewed which creates a purity of 99.2%, with an alcohol concentration of 13.5%. The antioxidant capacity is 30 times that of red wine. JazzBay is the only winery in New Zealand that owns this ground breaking technology.


Inclusive Flavour for All Dishes

Blueberry wine can be matched with many foods. Unlike wine, it is absolutely necessary to pair “red wine with red meat and white wine with white meat”. Blueberry wine is mellow, soft, and very tolerant. Unique fruit aromas and different foods can produce wonderful collisions.


The blueberry wine does not fall between any wine. It inherits the traditional culture of wine and has its own unique style. It is different from the wines in daily life and stands out in a wide variety of wine products.


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