Kiwi Fashion Go-Getters: Paris Georgia


Young Kiwi designers Paris Mitchell Temple and Georgia Cherrie, took on the competitive fashion industry designed their own success. 


Paris and Georgia, friends since age 13, dreamt of one day having a fashion label together. But unlike many of us who just dream, the pair worked hard to turn their dream into a reality. 


Following high school, the two inspiring young women went to university to study fashion, as well as soaking up the industry by travelling to some of the worlds most fashionable cities. Paris studied fashion in Auckland, while Georgia studied marketing and fashion in Barcelona. They also immersed themselves with the industry by travelling to cities like Paris and New York, before returning home and taking the leap to start their own label.


“Fashion was something that we always felt really drawn to, it just felt right.”


The Designers tell Verve that one of their biggest inspirations to starting their own fashion line was their mothers. Both of their mothers are hard working, successful, independent women with their own businesses, and this gave them the confidence.


Paris Georgia embodies the empowerment of women; along with independence, success and beauty. The young designers are inspired by successful and confident women, and they reflect this in their “clean” and “classic cut” designs. 


Aged 23, the pair started by putting together their savings from working abroad, and took a trip to Los Angeles to buy a bunch of vintage clothes. They then went on to re-sell these in their own vintage store; marking the start of their business endeavours.


Soon after, they designed and launched their very own “classic” line, now known as ‘Paris Georgia’. Designing their own unique attire was where they had always wanted to focus their time and passion. 


The two inspiring young women design clothing themselves. Which is then made in New Zealand with high-quality fabrics sourced from Japan and Italy. 


The duo tell Verve that the main factors that helped them get started were contacts, conversations, and social media. The young designers had some contacts in New Zealand from having grown up here, but also because Paris’ mother was in publishing. In addition to this, Paris had worked at Vogue in New York so they had contacts there too. 


Paris and Georgia also explain how not only did their supportive contacts help with getting started, but also, simply having conversations with people in the industry; from financial, to logistics, to design and creative people, helped increase their knowledge.    


“Every conversation helps with people who have experience, because essentially, when you start out, you actually have none.”


In regard to getting their name out there and brand recognition, Paris and Georgia tell Verve that they have been very lucky with the help of social media, as it has allowed them to be in touch with anyone in the world.


But most importantly, one of the key factors to their success has been “fearlessness”, and having the confidence to follow their dreams! The more fearless you are, the more likely you’ll get where you want to be. 


Paris and Georgia are living their dream, and they say that their favourite thing about being designers—along with travelling, and the talented people they work with—is that they are doing what they love! 


Words — Alix Dougherty